Zombie Appreciation Day 2011

The 14th of February, a day when our thoughts turn to beheadings, escape routes, and things that must go in survival packs.

What? Isn’t that what everybody else is doing?

Ooohhh, you thought our day would be filled with flowers, silly phrases like “snookums”, and over priced chocolates?

Not here.  At the HQ we proudly celebrate Zombie Appreciation Day (ZAD) on February 14th.  Out with the silly and In with something way more fun.

The day started out normally with work and the daily responsibilities of life but we were discussing how our evening was going to roll the entire time. I already knew what I was making for dinner, the only decisions left to make were what movie to watch and which wine to drink.

And that present right there isn’t for that other holiday we should forget about it.  No, this year February 14th, was the start of Scott’s birthday week!  Hooray!  That is present #1.

Scott still had a few chores left to get done but I quickly got started on dinner.  We had risotto!  If you think about it, risotto is never really all that attractive of a food AND it does sort of resemble possible brain matter.


Maybe. Totally appropriate for Zombie Appreciation Day? Most definitely!

I made a red wine version with lots of goodies in it like shrimp, squash, and sundried tomatoes.

Scott finished up his work and joined me in the kitchen for chatting and cheese eating.

What movie did we pick? There’s your clue right there!

Wine for the evening was a McWilliam’s Shiraz which was lovely. It was for sipping and also went into the risotto.  Cheese on the side is a Piave which is amazing. It’s like a parm but not crumbly, very smooth and rich. Reminds me a little of parrano cheese.

Dinner was finally ready! I spooned us up big bowls of steaming brains, risotto and it was time to hit the couch for movie watching!

Just in case you didn’t get the hint, here was our movie of choice this year.

I didn’t have a clever shirt but that didn’t stop me from getting snug on the couch with my dinner ready to get the party started!

What was Scott’s present?

A gorgeous hardcover graphic novel that is sort of steampunkish. I know how to treat my man gang.

We watched our movie, planned our survival packs, and had the best evening!

5 thoughts on “Zombie Appreciation Day 2011

  1. Jess says:

    Sounds like a great evening, and that risotto looks (or rather, sounds) delicious. Yum! Glad you had an excellent Zombie Appreciation Day. :) And pass along my birthday wishes to Scott!

  2. Heidi says:

    I love that you celebrated Zombie Appreciation Day instead of that other, sappy one. I’m not a big fan of zombies, though. I’m more of a vampire lover. Do they have a vampire appreciation day? Maybe I’ll create one. :) Looks like a fun evening!

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