Getting a groove

This week definitely had its ups and its downs in terms of running and working out.  I feel like I was productive but also kind of a slacker!

This week saw three rest days, which is a lot and I feel a little guilty about it. Then I feel guilty for feeling guilty because it’s totally unnecessary.  Two of those days I was dealing with a bum knee.

Last Sunday I fell on the ice so Monday I took the day off to give my knee a break.  Plus I couldn’t even do weights or other workouts because it hurt to bend it.

Tuesday was great and I got a nice run in! Tuesday night at Muay Thai, I tossed out a knee and caught my already bum knee a little awkward. It puffed up immediately and became hard to bend it.  Wednesday, it felt a lot better but I took that day off, again to give my knee a break.

Thursday I ran and Friday I took another rest day. I went out to run on Friday but it was too cold with the wind. That wind was just too much for me. I got half mile in and had to call it and head back home.

Saturday I did my long run because I was going to be doing stuff the rest of the day and I didn’t want it looming over my head.  I did 8 miles and couldn’t do anymore. My legs, hamstrings, started to twinge out on me and a few times they threatened to cramp up.  My knees started aching too and once that happened I realized that my shoes were too old and needed switched out.

I was hoping to get through the winter without having to change shoes. I don’t want to run through guck in new shoes!

Are we done with winter? I don’t know but I do know we are very close to spring!

So while I did have more rest days than I would have liked, I did get some decent mileage in this week and my total was almost back up into the 20s. Wheee!!!

I am ready for spring running through!

How was your training this week?

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