Winter Cranks

I’ve been slacking on talking about my winter training for one main reason.

Nothing is really going on.

Winter has totally gotten to me this year and my runs have been minimal at best.  It isn’t even the snow because the snowfall hasn’t really been anything significant. We did get a good bit last week but the roads are clear by now.

Mostly the mornings have been windy which makes things a heck of a lot colder. And this weekend we’ve just had downright cold weather.

Today was in the single digits with a real feel of negative ridiculous. I honestly just did not want to run in that. When I took Rocky out for his potty run this morning, it was so cold my face hurt. Yeah that kind of sucks.

I sort of feel guilty about the whole situation even though there is no reason for me to feel guilty at all.  I also feel like a big YakTrax Sham since we aren’t really getting enough snow for me to have to bust them out.

I’m also still in the find new running routes process. It’s trial and error and it’s frustrating.  The other route was easy and convenient and these new places are not.

I’m cranky about that.

I’ll get over it for sure but it’s taking me a lot longer to get my mojo back than I anticipated.

So no running updates are purly a result of the fact that the running and I are in a holding pattern. We need to talk and work out some issues.

9 thoughts on “Winter Cranks

  1. Girl, I don’t blame you in the least. If I didn’t have access to a treadmill, I would hibernate from running all winter long. I’m still dreading starting up again outside, just because I know how cold it will be and how much my lungs will hate me.

  2. Dude…winter…blows..
    Ha it was definitely NOT this bad last year in Boston, it’s taken a toll on me this year! :( Good luck, i know you and running will work it always do ;)

  3. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one with the cranks. This weekend was miserable!!! I can handle running outside when it’s in the 30’s but definately not negative wind chills. YUCK!

  4. Don’t get too down on yourself because you are truly hardcore! You push through weather that I would never even set out in.

    When it comes to single digits, I won’t attempt it, but I do enjoy mid-30s. Fortunately I was able to get one in on a day like that last week, but the course was half ice and exhausting. Both Dan and I have been taking a short break, just running every now and then. I blame it on the weather and dogs, but I also think that I just needed a break from serious, committed running period.

    I’ve been enjoying doing strength videos and yoga. The half program will be starting soon and I’ll have to make up for my break, but I think it was a good thing. Hang in there, the good weather and your motivation will be back soon! :)

  5. Wow, sounds like lots of folks are feeling like I am. Up until this past month, I considered myself an anti-fairweather runner. Between the 2-3 significant snowstorms and recent ushering in of zero degree temperatures, I’ve found myself inside more than I care to talk about. This too shall pass, though. I’m sure we’ll all benefit from the reduced workload, mentally AND physically.

  6. Winter training is soooo tough! This is my first winter in 10 years and holy brrr, did I not realize how cold it gets up here! I haven’t had much chance to run in the YakTrax either… but just trying to do my best! Keep warm & get that fire under your tush burnin! :)

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