OEFFA Winter Warmer Fundraiser

Last Saturday night Scott and I had the wonderful chance to attend our first OEFFA event! As you know, I’m a big supporter of the Eat Local movement.  About becoming more involved in being aware of where exactly your food comes from, who’s providing, and how they are getting it to you.  I’m still extremely new and am constantly trying to learn more about Ohio and what all we have available to us.

It turns out that we have a lot! Being a Midwest state and having a varying climate along with a decent landscape means that not only is Ohio able to support multiple kinds of livestock, it can support agriculture as well.  This means that we have access to some of the very best meat and produce in the country.

Not to mention, wine, fruits, and maple syrup.

Ohio has it all and I’m determined to learn as much as I can and pass along that information to you.  This way we can all make better informed choices about what we eat and where we get it.

Because I want to learn, I decided that attending an OEFFA event would be a great step in finding out information.

OEFFA stands for, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. From the website, this blurb describes them perfectly:

The Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA) was formed in 1979 and is a membership-based, grassroots organization, dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable, ecological, and healthful food systems.

The best way to learn more about the local food scene is to talk to those that provide it, right?

Saturday Night’s Event, called Winter Warmer, provided the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The event was held at Wild Goose Creative, which is a lovely space that can be rented out and used for events such as this, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Their website has a list of events that you can check out!  If you have never been to an event at Wild Goose, I suggest you attend one that strikes your fancy.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Scott wrote out our nametags while I walked around snapping some pictures.

Along with mingling and making new contacts, this event also featured a silent auction filled with lots of fun local services and a small buffet of appetizer items.  This wasn’t just any old buffet though, all the food featured were from local resources.  Everything from the cheese to mushrooms.

Being served up was:

  • Ricotta on toast with honey.  The Ricotta was made from Snowville Creamery Milk.
  • Beef Cheeks in Ancho Chili Sauce.
  • Oxtail alla Pancetta
  • Black bean and Chipotle Hummus on Potato Foccacia Rounds
  • Lamb Meatballs

My favorite?

Goat empanadas!

That’s right, goat! What is really interesting is that just the day before I realized I had never tried goat before and was wondering what that would taste like. I thought it might be like lamb which I do not like.  Lamb is a very strong meat and it’s not something I can handle.  I tried the goat with an open mind and was very surprised by it’s taste, texture, and appearance.  It’s a darker meat and it honestly looks like roast beef.  It tastes like beef as well.  It’s a very mild flavor with a soft texture.  Had I not known this was goat, I would have sworn it was some sort of beef or possibly bison.

We sipped on wine samples and also mead samples from a local producer, Brothers Drake Mead.

We chatted with Pete from Flying J Farms and also with some lovely ladies who I now realize I did not get their names.  Please say hello ladies!

Scott and I had a great time learning more about OEFFA, speaking with local farmers, and trying some new to us dishes all made with Ohio grown ingredients.

Please check out OEFFA’s website to learn more about the association along with how to become a member.  Be sure to check out their upcoming events as well and maybe we’ll see you at the next one!

6 thoughts on “OEFFA Winter Warmer Fundraiser

  1. What a brilliant event!!!!!

    I honestly feel really good about buying local. Not only do I think it’s a more ethical choice but it also supports the local economy.

    Here in the Rockies, I’m relatively close to one of this Province’s biggest growing regions. I love getting my food from there!

    In fact, I’ve been working my way through $175 worth of grass-finished organic free-range Angus certified beef. Not only is it delicious but I feel genuinely good when eating it! :)

  2. Thanks for a great writeup, and for spreading the good word about goat. Bluescreek has it on a regular basis, and it’s one of my favorite meats to cook — its slight gaminess plays beautifully off of curry and spice. It’s wonderful stuff, and the folks at Fusion Cafe do a terrific job with it.

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