Leftover Pizza

Hi gang! Yesterday was one crazy day spent watching the snow just keep piling up.  Last I checked the weather man said that it wasn’t going to hit us until about 11am. I wasn’t really surprised when I saw it started snowing at 7:30am.

The window? Is totally your best way to check the weather. The weather people are not.  Sorry weather people but that was like way off the mark.

I got a short run in and as I was running through the really fine fine snow that was falling, I could tell that things were going to get ugly during the day and I was right. Every place is reporting different amounts but we are in the 6-8 inches of snow range.

It snowed all day long, literally. I think it finally stopped sometime after midnight.  We have been lucky this winter so far in terms of snow fall because we really haven’t had much to speak of, this was our first serious round of snow.

Our little hobbit car wasn’t about to make it through this snow so we stayed snug at home.

Scott was in the back shoveling out some paths for Rocky so that he would be able to go out and go potty.  He doesn’t mind the snow but he doesn’t like having to trudge through waist deep snow to potty.  Shoveling paths not only keeps his contact with the cold to a minimum, it also means he doesn’t get as wet when he goes outside.

The weather outside was frightful, which made it perfect for baking and for Pizza Thursday!  I made some quick PB cookies because our neighbor used his snowblower to clear our sidewalk and driveway.  Then I got busy making the pizza.

I had a genius idea last night for a pizza topping.

Leftover burger!  Wednesday was a late dinner night for us, so I made some veggies and then heated up some frozen burgers.  Scott had a chicken burger and I had a veggie burger.  These were burgers I had made previously and then froze the leftovers.  There were two chicken burgers, Scott only ate one so what to do with the extra?

Crumble it up for a pizza topping!

Okay maybe this isn’t something new and you’ve done this before but I have not and was pretty proud of myself for finding a clever way to use leftovers.

The one downside to pizza stones is that cleaning them is really not happening. Spills stay around and you live with them forever. Amen.

Yesterday’s pizza was:

  • Whole Wheat Crust
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Shredded Moz
  • Red Onion
  • Red Pepper
  • Banana Pepper
  • Leftover Burger
  • Some Spicy Italian Sausage

It was a little “meat” heavy but still tasty! Next time one crumbled burger will be plenty.  Perfect for a snowed in evening!

Wine for the evening was Tin Roof Merlot which was so spicy and rich that I was pretty impressed.  I have yet to think of a red as “spicy” because that is never an aspect I have picked up.  This was totally spicy and I noticed it right away at the finish.

We sipped and watched the hockey game. Let’s not discuss it, the Pens lost in a not so glorious fashion.  No one was on point, not even Johnny who I adore (you’re lovely Fleury but Johnny is where it’s at.)

How was your Thursday? Were you stuck at home too with snow?

5 thoughts on “Leftover Pizza

  1. We got about 5 inches of snow. Roy had to shovel the snow for Pedro, too. After seeing your pizza, I am making pizza tonight. Looks so good !! :) Have a great weekend !! :)

  2. No snow . . .

    As for Thursday, my lowlight was having a throat so sore I didn’t eat dinner. I also wore a parka inside the house ’cause I couldn’t get warm enough.

    The definite highlight was seeing the blog post our photographers did up of our wedding. I’m in LOVE with the pictures! But you probably already know that! :)

    And on the illness front – I’m going into the Doctor’s for tests this afternoon.

  3. Heather says:

    We’ve had SO much snow. I think it’s snowed EVERY day since Jan 7. Seriously. We must have more than two feet of snow. Ugh. And bitterly cold. Thank goodness today was warm and no snow.

  4. I make my pizza like that a lot. I save up leftovers during the week … eg. chicken, burgers etc. and put them on top of the pizza. Yesterday I didn’t have any leftovers .. booo … so I had some pastrami luncheon meat and topped that off with swiz cheese, green pepper, onion and mushrooms. It was like a pizza sandwich.

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