The Many Trees of OHC

It’s no surprise that the holidays are my favorite time of year! When September rolls around I’m bouncing off the walls excited because the second half of the year is the best! In November I start itching to get Christmas decorations up because I love them so much! They make the house festive and so warm and cozy.  Sometimes I put them up before Thanksgiving.

Yes I am that person.

When Scott and I first started living together he was taken aback by how much holiday decorations I wanted.  Eventually my collection built up and each year he would haul out all five tubs of holiday decor.  I would squee with delight as I unloaded the items, “Oh remember this?” “And look at this one! It’s one of my favorites!”

I put up lights where ever I can and I also put up a lot of trees.  I love Christmas trees and adore the way they make my house look and feel.

Fake please, no real trees over here.

I look for sales and great deals at the end of the season on items that must get added to my collection.  I’m more picky now than in the beginning when I would just buy whatever. Now I pick and choose making sure everything is perfect.

I have many trees set up throughout the house and this year I made sure to start providing themes to the trees.  I decided that Scott and I need a tree that represents Us.  I picked the tree that is in our front room as the Us tree.  One because it’s my favorite room in the house and two, because I think this room best represents Us and our style.

Along with some pretty glass ornaments, this tree has ornaments that represent things that both of us like along with things that represent our past and background.  We love owls so this tree has plenty of owls and also some globe (think like a map globe) ornaments along with that little robot there.  Lots of fun little things along the tree.

I have a tree in my kitchen and I bet you can imagine what is located on it, right?

Things related to food! Like this gorgeous wine bottle and you can see a wine glass peaking out in the back there.  I also have some chocolates hanging up and little kitchen utensils like a whisk and spatula.

In the family room is the pretty tree!  My family room colors are burgundy and yellow/gold.  I know that sounds strange but it works I promise. It happens to be my very favorite color combo!  I wanted the tree in there to match the color scheme so it contains all burgundy and gold ornaments.

I found some really pretty glass ornaments at Garden Ridge (best store ever!) that match the room perfectly.  These pictures don’t do them justice but I’m showing them anyway.

Along with some solid color ornaments.  Next year I’m going to get some more lights to help the tree pop a bit but otherwise it is totally set! And very pretty in the evening as the light reflects off of the ornaments.

I also have another tree in the entranceway hall and a few smaller trees sprinkled throughout the house.  Each decorated with some random ornaments that were either picked up on sale or given to me over the years.

I love having all these trees in the house!  I know some folks are minimalist when it comes to decorations but not me.  The more the better because it makes the house a lot more cozy.  When it’s bitter cold outside and I don’t have to go anywhere, I put all the lights on and light some candles.  That’s when the house is the best.

Do you decorate a lot for the holidays? Do you have a theme for your tree? Do you put up a lot of trees like I do?

17 thoughts on “The Many Trees of OHC

  1. I love Christmas trees! My mom used to always have multiple trees up: the “fancy” one with all the expensive ornaments, the “homemade” one with ornaments she made when I was little, the smaller “fancy” one decorated in gold and silver, and then the tiny tree that I now have…although when she had it, it was decorated in pastels to match my room.

    And since I’m nosy, I enlarged the first one with the bookcase to see what you guys read. At least one of you is a Stephen King fan! LOL, I have all those books too!

  2. i love it!!! I wish we had a place for even one tree, but alas no storage. however, I have brought as many decorations as i can store under teh bed for the year so that I have them!! love your trees

  3. I use to do a lot ! But my family doesn’t come to my home anymore like they used to. So, I have everything, I just don’t take the time like I should. I love ALL of your trees. Maybe I will get my stuff out tomorrow now that I have seen your trees !! :)

  4. Heidi says:

    I don’t decorate as much as I used to, but I love our tree. It’s classic with lots of handmade/hand-painted ornaments (my mom paints Santas and sells them, so I have a lot of things from her); white lights and white crocheted garland that looks like popcorn. It makes the house feel cozy and festive.

  5. I love the trees! I do the same thing. Every year I stock up at the after-Christmas sales. I feel like I’ve already got those memories built up which I love.

  6. I love this post. I am the same way with my Christmas decorating. I get so nostalgic over my ornaments.

    Love the owl ornament. I have a few cute ones. We have a fake tree with no real theme but it’s us and I love it.

  7. Love all your trees! We put up two. A large one that I consider my designer tree. Ha, ha! It has a color theme and the same ornaments. This year it is blue and white with snow flakes. My goal is to have polar bears and penguins on it at some point like a tree I saw in Vegas a few years ago. Then we have a smaller one from my college days. I put all our meaningful and gift ornaments on that one.

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