Tis the Season

It’s officially started, the Winter Racing Season for 2010-11 is here!  I had my first race of the season today and it was amazing and hard and fun.  It was a trail race through one of the many parks around Columbus and I had a blast.

The race was called The Buckeye Classic and it was a 10K.  A 10K trail race is no joke gang!  It was put on by M3S sports and I love when they do races!


Because you always get a finishers medal!

It doesn’t matter what distance the race is, there will be a medal waiting for you at the end.  This was a small race, 550 people, which is how most winter races are.  Only the determined or the crazy (kidding!) attempt racing in the winter.

Full recap coming soon!

Rocks and I chat about the race and how it was a little challenging.  And just for kicks….

Here’s Rocky’s best Dramatic Chipmunk pose.  He’s doing a pretty good job!

Catch you later gang, off to stuff my face with some Sunday Breakfast!

10 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. Diana Hayes says:

    Good for you, you are such an impressive lady. We don’t run but we did hole the lake trail at Hargus lake. It was such a beautiful day.

  2. Congrats on the first race of the season. Girl, I don’t know how you rock the winter running. I LOATH running in the cold. This is definitely my “off” season.

  3. Ha, ha! Rocky looks awesome in that medal and he deserves it for that dramatic chipmunk immitation.

    Great job on the race! That one sounds like fun, but definitely no joke. I have no idea how Dan is going to tackle the trail marathon. I love trail running, but each mile is like 3 for me on that terrain.

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