Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I like to decorate my table for Thanksgiving dinner.  I think it makes the dinner more festive and helps set the right mood.  My trick to getting a lovely table that doesn’t stress me out is by keeping things simple.

Because it’s just Scott and I eating dinner, I decorate the back of the table.  If I were hosting and doing a buffet style, I would put the decorations down the middle with the food intermingled on each side.

I tend to stick with things I already have on hand at home for decorating, which include:

  • Fall decorations
  • Fake flowers and leaves
  • Candles
  • White twinkle (or Christmas) lights

Everything I buy, I buy on the cheap.  You don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money to make your table look fancy.

Dollar stores can have some really great knick-knacks, like little pumpkins and fall scented small candles.

Garden Ridge is my go-to store for all decoration needs.  They are cheap and they have a ton of stuff that looks amazing.  I can get glass and ceramic pumpkins there for a dollar.

Fake flowers and leaves can be purchased anywhere and you don’t need a large batch of them.  Just a few stems work because you can break them apart and sprinkle them around your table.  They are easy to put back together or keep them separate and store in a bag when not in use.  They have some really amazing ones out now that look frosted or have some glass beads in among the flower petals.

The best time to get seasonal decorations is after the holiday is over.  I know that seems counterproductive but this way you’ll be prepared for the following year.  Once the holiday is over, seasonal items get marked way down.  Spring into action and take advantage of the sales!

Use a simple tablecloth and one that you don’t mind getting food or wine spilled on.  Let’s be honest, it’s Thanksgiving and people want to EAT.  Stuff is going to spill, husbands are going to slop, and Auntie Millie may have just had one too many White Wine Spritzers.  Stuff happens and that’s OK! By using a simple tablecloth that can be thrown in the wash you won’t stress about the spills, slops, and sloshes.

Same goes for placemats!  Easy ones that can be wiped down or tossed in the wash at the end of the day (Or the next morning).

Some fake flowers, simple tablecloth and candles will make your table look amazing and complement the dinner.  Keeping things simple won’t stress you out nor will it break the bank!

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