Stretching The Drinks At Thanksgiving

If you are hosting and putting on Thanksgiving dinner, then you know that it can come with a hefty price-tag.  Whether you’re feeding two, 12, or 25, food costs money and so do the drinks that go along with it!

And even though everyone is hungry and ready to eat now, drinks tend to go the quickest.  Am I right?  Drinks are free flowing all day long, “because it’s a holiday!” and it’s easy to spend a lot of money just keeping everyone supplied.

If you are hosting, having guests chip in and bring a drink or five is a great way to keep your budget in check and also for others to show their gratification for your hospitality.

However drinks are still going to go quickly!  How can you make the drinks last longer?

By combining them with something else! Yes technically it’s a mixed drink of sorts but the kind that won’t kill your budget or have you wondering if you are going to run out of beverages.

White Wine can be combined with seltzer to make White Wine Fizzies.  These are highly popular here at the HQ.  Great for when you want a just a sip of wine but want a full glass of drink.  A splash of white wine (stick with the non-sweet varieties) in the glass, then top it off with some seltzer creates the fizzie.  Flavored seltzer works too!  Or you can add a twist of lime or orange to give it kick.  Frozen cranberries keep the drink cool and festive looking.  Seltzer is cheap, under a $1 for a liter.  Most all grocery stores carry them and even run deals on them.  If you prefer Club Soda, use that! A little bit more expensive then seltzer but it works just as well.

Red Wine can be combined with apple cider and warmed up on the stove or in a crock pot that has a warm setting.  Toss in some orange slices, maybe some cloves, and cinnamon sticks and you have a great drink.  If you think that might be overpowering for some guests leave out the spices.  Red wine and cider are perfect just on their own.

Okay, so you have some beer loving folks coming over.  If you get some of the higher-end cheaper beer (and this will probably be the only time you see me recommend cheap beer), you can mix a few bottles with limeade.  It has the flavors of a margarita but made with two very simple things.  A lime slice on the glass to garnish and you’ve got a tasty beverage.

If you have some hardcore fellas who won’t drink that, well then have them bring their own beer!

Stick to your budget this year and make those drinks work for you!  Stretch them out and everyone will be happy and you’ll be stress free!

Happy Thanksgiving from OHC!

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