Packed Weekend

Hi gang!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was jam packed! :o

Friday night Scott and I went out to dinner because it was Restaurant Week!  We headed to a local establishment for amazing food and great conversation.  On Saturday we had errands to run, of the shopping variety.  Scott needs a new desk and I wanted to look at Christmas decorations.  What?  It is the holidays!

First we headed over to Garden Ridge, do you have one of those?  They are amazing!  It’s like an Big Lots (or Odd Lots depending on where you live) but uh, bigger and with way better stuff.  I got a lot of tree decorations from there.  I put up a bunch of trees for Christmas, but “bunch” I mean like over five.  I need more decorations for the trees and Garden Ridge had some lovely glass bulbs in some amazing colors.

Then it was off to my next favorite store, World Market!  Sadly they didn’t have the desk Scott wanted any longer but we were able to find a nice piece of furniture for our entry way that we will also be able to use as storage.  Score!  And I bought more Christmas decorations and we stocked up on wine.  Now the wine rack is full and ready for the holidays.  YaY!

Sunday started early as we got up and headed over to a race!  For me, not for Scott.  Scott did the dutiful runner spouse job of taking pictures and standing around waiting for me to finish.  He’s such an amazing guy to do all that for me as I run all these races!

After the race we came home to a much needed hot shower for me, and plenty of coffee for us both.  I also got busy making Sunday Breakfast which thankfully took almost no effort on my part because I basically just had to heat everything up.

When I make pancakes, I make a big batch and then freeze the leftovers.  This way I just have to pop them in the toaster oven and heat them up when I want a quick breakfast.  Yesterday, the most taxing thing was peeling the clementines and I had Scott do that!  I would have done it but I cut my thumb about a week ago and it’s still healing.  The cut is such that I can use my thumb to press on things just yet and that includes peeling fruit.

Along with some sausage that got heated up in the oven, breakfast was complete!  I topped my pancakes with:

  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Maple Syrup

I know how to do it up right!

After breakfast was eaten and the kitchen was cleaned up, we headed out to the grocery store.  You know I was desperate for some groceries if I go to the store over the weekend.  We hit up two places, Sam’s and Meijer (grocery store).  Sam’s is starting to get their holiday stuff out including their wine and cheeses.  *squee*

Meijer I spent the most time in because I needed loads of produce.  We were out of just about everything and I was slowly losing my mind every time I opened the fridge and saw its bareness.  I bought a lot of stuff.  Some of it in anticipation of next week’s BIG dinner.  The upside is that we got to see our favorite cashier who then promptly asked me how many people are in our family.

Uh, just us.  Then I explained that all this food lasts us for a little over two weeks.  I hope he knew what I meant!  He also assumed we were vegetarians because of all the produce I had.  I didn’t correct him but you all know that OHC just loves their veggies.

I did buy some pomegranates!  This is the first I’ve seen them out and the first time I bought them.  What should I do with it, any fun suggestions?

Back home and got all my lovely groceries unloaded and put away.  I started dinner and while that roasted, I chatted with my mom and cleaned up around the house.  Dinner was also easy to put together.

Everything went in the oven!  We had some chicken thighs that I roasted in the oven and halfway through topped with some BBQ sauce.  Mmmm!  Veggies were roasted baby potatoes and roasted green beans.  The potatoes were different styles including yellow, blue, and red.  Some of the red potatoes had pink swirls on the inside, so pretty!

We finished Saturday’s Pens game while we ate dinner.  We typically eat at the table on Sundays but this time we just wanted to zone out and enjoy the game.  They won, thank goodness!

Wine for the evening was Santa Julia Cabernet Sauvignon which was alright.  This was the second day it was open and it was a tad on the acidic side.  The first day was nice with a lovely deep dry finish.  Yesterday it was tart.  Once it got some air it was alright but I don’t know if I’d get it again.

My dessert was some peppermint chocolate AND one of these…

Goat milk caramels!!  When I was sick a few weeks ago, Scott bought these for me as a surprise.  Of course I couldn’t eat them till now and they are fantastic!  Make with goat milk and goat butter, these have a rich creamy toffee like taste.  So good and since they are so rich, one is the perfect amount.

Then I crashed out in bed!

How was your weekend?  Eventful or relaxing?

This post was part of OHC’s Homespun Sunday series.

4 thoughts on “Packed Weekend

  1. OMG, where did he get the goat milk caramels? Must buy…

    I’ve never been to Garden Ridge, but I may have to check it out as this is the second blog post I’ve seen recently touting how cool it is. We don’t do much holiday decorating in my house, but I know they have a ton of other stuff.

    I went through veggie withdrawl myself as we were totally out by Sat morning. I was craving kale and hoped to pick some up at Market District, but would you believe they were out?!

  2. You did a lot this weekend!

    Mine was a mix of busy, fun events and some nice relaxation. I think I could have used more relaxation though, to be honest.

  3. What a great husband you have!! He’s a keeper! :)
    I explained to the cashier yesterday, too, what a veggie heavy household we are. Actually, Colin explained b/c he was excited to have broccoli with dinner (love that kid!!).

  4. Heidi says:

    I just started buying pomegranates last winter. I love them in salads! I also eat them plain as a snack or dessert.

    We had an awesome, relaxing weekend. Yesterday, I made homemade spaghetti sauce for the first time ever (served with whole grain spaghetti and roasted broccoli). It was awesome! I think I will say goodbye to jarred sauce forever. The sauce I made was so flavorful and easy to make. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before. That’s my homespun Sunday story. :)

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