Get Your Turkey 2010

For those of us in the US, it’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving!

You all know I am a big advocate of local foods!  This means turkeys too!  Support your local farmers and purchase a turkey that not only do you know where it was raised but you know how it was raised and treated.

This year I’m putting together a list of places I know of that you can purchase locally raised turkeys for your Thanksgiving table.

Poultry and Game at North Market has Bowman and Landes turkeys.

We’ve gotten our turkeys here now for the past five years.  They’ve always been excellent, decently priced, and great tasting turkeys.  They do turkeys of all sizes and also just breasts if you are feeding a small crowd.

Hills Market has Bowman and Landes turkeys along with Tea Hill Organic Farm turkeys.

One of my twitter friends just told me that The Anderson’s is also doing free-range veggie fed Turkeys this year.

For even more Turkey information, check out Rachel’s post on a few other places to get the goods for your Thanksgiving this year!

Looking for some inspiration this Thanksgiving?  Check out these links!

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And we can’t have Thanksgiving without wine, here’s some tips on buying wine for the holidays from Food and Wine.

Hooray for Thanksgiving!

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