Zoned Out

Hi gang!  How was everyone’s weekend?!  Mine went by too quickly and now here I am on a Monday feeling a little outta sorts. :o  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends to the North and Happy Columbus Day to all the folks in the US.  Columbus Day is such a weird holiday!  It’s a holiday that really isn’t.

Do you get Columbus Day off?  Here at the HQ we do not.  The upside to working for yourself is that you can pick and choose what days you want off and when.  The downside is that you can find yourself working while everyone else is off doing not work things.  Some places get this day off and not others.  I never worked in a place that observed this holiday.  Nor has Scott.

Yesterday I totally checked out and laid on the couch.  I was so out of it, I apparently forgot to take a picture of my yogurt and granola.  Whoops!

I completed my long run, the last long run before the race this weekend!  And I have to tell you that the weather yesterday was amazing and totally perfect running weather.  Not at all like the week before where it was miserable.  In fact let’s not even talk about that week anymore.

I leashed up Rocks and got his walk done before it got too hot outside, that’s right, before it got too hot.  We were close to 90 yesterday.  Oh Ohio, you and your crazy ways.

Then I showered and got busy doing nothing.  I watched a little Food TV with my post race fuel, which I’ll recap sans picture.

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade granola
  • Chocolate chips

With coffee.  MMmmm baby!

Then I discovered a Law and Order marathon yesterday!  HEAVEN!  I watched for a bit and then got busy making us some Sunday Breakfast which is what you see above.  We had:

  • Scrambled eggs (with hot sauce)
  • Home Fries with peppers and onions
  • Cheese bagel, straight up

When I make home fries, I actually roast my potatoes with the peppers and onions.  A little olive oil and seasonings, then I roast at 425 till crispy.  This way I have nice crispy potatoes, I didn’t have to dirty another pan, and the potatoes aren’t saturated in oil or butter.  Totally yum!

Seriously, after breakfast, me and the couch became best friends!  Scott had to do grownup stuff around the house (read chalking windows, fun!) and I literally just zoned out and watched L&O.  There were so many other things I could have done, but I honestly could not bring myself to “work”.  I cannot even tell you the last time I crashed out and watched TV all day.  I have been longing for a L&O marathon (TNT does them a good bit) and this one hit at the perfect time.

Eventually, at 7pm, I got up and started dinner.  I checked with Scott and he was wrapping things up, good thing too because I was about to tell him to come inside!

Please excuse the lame pictures you’re about to see.  I promise that dinner was a lot more tasty and satisfying than it’s going to look.

Simple side salads with:

  • Mixed greens
  • Shredded carrot
  • Chopped yellow tomato
  • Pumpkin seeds

Drizzled with a bit of balsamic and oil.

See, told you, lame. The plate was huge and therefore makes my dinner look smaller than it is.  Also, that burger just looks sad, but I promise it was very delicious.

With the salads, we had roasted broccoli and chicken burgers!  It was late in the day so the idea of eating a big fluffy bun was not appealing at all, therefore I nixed it.  It was a chicken burger full of yummy tasty stuff that you’re going to have to wait on!  I was craving burgers like mad and since we had amazing weather this weekend, I thought for sure we would be able to grill.

That didn’t work out due to Scott running late with chores and us actually being late with meals.  We didn’t eat “breakfast” until 2pm and this dinner was served going on 8pm.  Yikes!  For me, on a Sunday after a long run, that’s late!

The burgers got sauteed up in a pan and there’s cheese on the inside which is why there is no cheese on top.  I cleared everything!  Scott got full really fast and so I finished everything he didn’t eat. :D  That made it just the perfect amount of food!

We watched Saturday’s Pens game after dinner while sipping on some wine.  The game?  Horrible.  Let’s not even dwell on it.  There was ice cream to be had also, a lovely bowl of SO Delicious peanut butter and chocolate.  YUM!

I had a bit too much wine and went to bed way too late.  My Monday is now full of work and trying to shake off the cobwebs.

Tell me loves, how was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?  Have anything fantastic to eat?

This post was part of Off Her Cork’s Homespun Sunday series.

10 thoughts on “Zoned Out

  1. I love that you actually listened to your body and didn’t eat the bun with your burger. That doesn’t happen with a lot of us!

    Yesterday my mom made a fantastic pasta dish with edamame, tomatoes, and basil. It was delish! :)

  2. Saturday was awesome- I got up to ride from Lane Ave to Hills Market to enjoy their blueberry pancakes and to try and meet new biking people. Then riding back (about 24 miles total!)I randomly ran into my dad working the OSU traffic.

    Good luck with the race this upcoming weekend! I was so bummed they did away with the Corporate Challenge 5K, but it’s possible I may ride downtown to cheer the runners on. That and I want to go to the North Market again and use some of the coupons I got from the Market to Market ride. I just haven’t decided where I want to start my ride from…

  3. I love that you admit to too much wine! It can be a slippery slope for me sometimes, especially on my long run days. I have been crazy busy lately, which means no time for reading your fab blog, but I am slowing down now and catching up. I’m excited to find out which race you are running. Take care!

  4. You totally deserved a Sunday of nothingness! It sounds fantastic. :)

    Well, I would tell you I’m sorry to hear about the Pen’s loss, but being a HUGE Fliers fan, I can’t comment.

    Love you always though! :)

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