OHC Dines At Black Creek Bistro

A few weeks ago Scott and I found ourselves dressed up on a weekday evening and decided to make the most of it by going out to dinner.  Hey it’s not often we are dressed up, let alone on a weekday night!  Got to take advantage of the situation as much as possible!

We finally were able to head over to Black Creek Bistro.  It’s been on our radar for a while, ever since we sampled some of their yummy treats at the 2009 Taste of The Independents (Part I and Part II).  Yes it has taken us a long time to make our way over!

Black Creek Bistro has one of the best Twitter accounts, not only do they constantly tweet about their daily specials but they also provide pictures of the special as well.  Nothing will make you drool quicker than seeing a picture of the deal of the day!

What also drew us to the restaurant is the fact that Black Creek not only grows most of what they use at the restaurant, they also support other local suppliers as well.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  One of the things I loved reading about on their menu mission statement, is that they recycle the vegetable oil used for cooking to fuel their tractors on the farm.

The inside of the restaurant is intimate and cozy.  The furniture are repurposed items found in older homes and buildings that were no longer being used or were about to be torn down.  In the very first picture, that bench you see in the window is where we sat for our meal.  There were a lot of benches through out and the reminded me of old church pews.  The ceiling had a tin tile design in a deep rich color that made the whole atmosphere more relaxed and inviting.  The pictures on the walls are done by local artists and are for sale.

Scott and I started the evening off right with some wine.  I had the red and Scott had the white, each wine being a special of the evening.

One thing that I also really liked was that the service and atmosphere of the restaurant was very laid back.  There is no rushing around and you aren’t pressured to eat your food quickly and get out.  Enjoyment and conversation seem to be cherished here.

Which is good because I love to talk while enjoying food and a lovely glass of wine!  I feel that so many places are all about how many people they can serve in a day and about reaching a particular quota.  I did not get this feeling from Black Creek, they really want you to focus on the food and the moment.  I like being able to take my time during a meal and we were definitely able to do that here.

One of the things that caught my eye on the menu was an appetizer of fries!

These are the Bistro Fries and they are amazing!  They come with a spicy ketchup and a white truffle sauce for dipping.  This was my first experience with truffle anything (other than chocolates of course) and I loved it.  It had a very deep flavor that I didn’t want to have to stop eating.  The fries are fresh and handcut, thank goodness!  I love fries but I don’t love frozen fries made who knows where, from who knows what.  These were the best tasting fries either of us have had for quite some time.

Because I always have to have the house salad, I ordered the Bistro Salad.  It was light and the portion size was the perfect starter to a meal.

Scott had the special of the evening which was pasta with a light spicy tomato sauce, huge chunks of tomato, and salmon pieces.  It was very tasty, neither of us had had salmon prepared that way before.

I had the salmon three ways meal which had a sauteed salmon filet, a salmon cake with dijon sauce, and house cured gravlox on bread points.

My favorite being the gravlox on bread points!  I did take off some of the red onion but that’s all I altered.  It was divine and had great flavors! What really made it stand out was the Parmesan crisp underneath the gravlox.  It provided a nice crispy slightly salty texture with each bite.

The veggies that came with the meal were mashed potatoes and sauteed chard.  You know I love the greens and potatoes combo!  The meal was light and perfectly portioned.

Everything at Black Creek Bistro is reasonably priced and they run offers all the time.  One standing offer is during happy hour, you can get a three course dinner: Bistro special with your choice of two other courses, either appetizer, soup/salad, or dessert all for $20.  That’s a great deal!

The service was great but the food and atmosphere are what won us over and will keep us coming back.  Definitely check them out if you haven’t yet.

Black Creek Bistro

Twitter: @BCBistro

9 thoughts on “OHC Dines At Black Creek Bistro

  1. That is my biggest gripe against chain restaurants. I feel like cattle as they try to herd as many in and out as they can in a day. How is that enjoyable!?!

    Glad you guys enjoyed a lovely weekday dinner out. Those are the best!

    • Lauren, exactly! I would much rather go to a local place than a chain anything.
      Ginny, it was fab!
      Heather, mmmm fries!
      Diana, I think you would really appreciate all the work that goes into the food they make. :)
      Amanda and Sagan, thanks girls! I have one in purple too! :D

  2. Krista says:

    what a great review. I LOVE the idea of fries dressed up for an appetizer. Everything looks fantastic and thankfully I read this on a fully tummy.

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