Upcoming Event: Taste of Hilliard

One thing that I love about Columbus and it’s surrounding towns, is how much support is shown towards local restaurants.  One huge way that Columbus and surrounding areas do this is by hosting “Taste of” events.

This type of event is open to the public and depending on the size of the event will also determine the ticket price.  “Taste Of” events focus on local restaurants, diners, and shops.  It gives a chance for these places to set up a booth and provide samples of items from their menus so that the residents can get to experience what they have to offer.  It also gives everyone a chance to become more familiar with what is located right in their very own area.  Sometimes you’ll come across a place that you didn’t even know existed because maybe you haven’t been down that road before.

It’s a great opportunity for local businesses to connect with their customers.  Not only do you get a chance to taste some yummy food but you also get a chance to chat with the owners and possibly the chefs.  That is the best part!

Next week The Hilliard Chamber of Commerce is putting on it’s first ever Taste of Hilliard event in conjunction with a business expo so that locals can not only learn about the restaurants in their area but also local businesses as well!

Here’s the details for next week’s event:

WHAT: Taste of Hilliard and Business Expo

WHEN: Tuesday, August 17th, 4:30pm-7:30pm

WHERE: The Makoy Center, 5462 N. Center Street, Hilliard, OH

COST: Tickets are only $10 at the door!

Also, because I have inside resources I can give you a little more info about this event. ;)

There will be local guest celebrity judges for the food portion of the event to judge on three different categories.

There will also be People’s Choice Awards for: Best Appetizer, Best Entree, and Best Dessert.

Twenty restaurants in attendance to temp you with yummy treats!  And there will be 50 local businesses ready to tell you all about what you can find around your local neighborhood!

Head on out next Tuesday to see what is going on in Hilliard!

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