Pizza Thursday Report for August 12th, 2010

Hello pretties!  How’s everyone’s week been and are you looking forward to the weekend?  I am for sure and I hope it’s a relaxing one because dang, we need it up in here!

Also, Happy Friday the 13th!  I am hoping that Scott and I will watch some cheesy horror movies!  We love cheesy horror movies and used to watch them all the time in our earlier courtin’ days.  One thing we watched was on SciFi (I’m sorry, it’s very hard for me to actually type out SyFy and not want to roll my eyes) and it came on every Friday night.  It was called, Full Moon Fright Night and it was hosted by William Shatner.  It was a night full of cheesy B horror movies.  Friday nights rocked at our house!  Sometimes we would order in Chinese and then hang out all night watching movies.

Oh memories!  To bad that isn’t still on anymore!

Okay moving along to pizza!  We got take-out.

I know!  Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet?  Kay, good.  Yesterday went by at lightening speed.  I had so much work to get done both professionally and around the house.  Then I got slammed with not feeling well.  Like, I wanted to curl up in bed and yell profanities till the achy went buh-bye.  Therefore no pizza prep happened and we ordered pizza out.  We tried a new place close to us called Enrico’s, which is the menu above.  I know that is supposed to be a mushroom on the menu but, well, yeah.  I’m just letting that go.  Anyway, here is now a perfect example of why I prefer making my own pizza and why I don’t really care for many pizza joints in Columbus.

Disclaimer: I realize there are a few fab joints in Columbus that I would love to try but they are a long distance away from me, making them not conducive to late night pizza demands.

Issue 1: For some reason, Columbus does not seem to like the red onion.  Any onion on pizza seems to be white and red is somehow cast aside like your third cousin with the lisp and buckteeth.  I like red onion, Columbus, let’s try and get it on pizzas.

Issue 2: Lack of veg options.  I like spinach, and broccoli, and tomatoes, and carrots and fun things!  Olives and fungus do not count as veggies in my book.  Pizza joints also do not want to embrace the veggies leaving me no choice but to get nutritionally devoid cheese pizza.

Issue 3: And this is my BIGGEST complaint; the way Columbus likes to cut their pizzas.  In odd shapes that make no sense and have zero functionality.  It’s like giving the pizza cutter to your drunk Uncle Jeb once you know he’s made a dent in that Natty Light case and asking him to cut you a slice.  You get pizza slices made from the crazy.

Case in point.  Let’s see, we have a triangle corner piece, that’s interesting.  A triangle that seems to form a corner on a round object.  Mmmmkay then.  And over there are some strange oblong shaped pieces which seem totally reasonable next to those wee square middle pieces that are perfect for when you just want a small bite of the pizza.  Right out of the middle.  Just a small bite, right exactly from the middle of the pizza.  Nothing satisfies quite like the small middle bite, am I right?

Also that triangle corner piece, making everything stable and holding down the fort?  No cheese.  Just some sauce but no cheese. Well if it had cheese then the whole pizza dynamic would be thrown off and chaos would ensue.  Or so I’m assuming because otherwise I’m sort of at a loss here.

I really just want some dang normal-sized triangle pieces of pizza topped with veggies and some red onion.

Now you know why we make our own pizza at the HQ.

Of course we watched Antiques Roadshow last night while eating our geometry lesson.  Biggest take of the night?  A Native American wooden bowl carved in the shape of a raven and used to hold fat from some animal clocked in at between $150-$200 THOUSAND dollars.  Like whoa, right?!

Anyone else grab some pizza? :D

8 thoughts on “Pizza Thursday Report for August 12th, 2010

  1. I snorted several times through this. Great post! Yeah, I would rather make my own now, although that does not entail me making my own crust at this point.

  2. I’ve been pretty much internet-less all week so I’m only catching up on blogs now. Imagine my surprise when I read yours first only to discover you did TAKE-OUT pizza!?!?!?

    lol Clearly the world turned upside down in a week! :P

  3. You are going to faint, but I love meat loaf pizza. I make it when we have left over meatloaf. In fact we had it last night, with fresh mushrooms, onion, green pepper and of course pieces of meatloaf and cheese.

    • Angela, Pita pizzas! Love them, easy and no need to make dough. :)
      TG, I know right! Did you fall out of your chair? ;)
      Amanda, When we first moved here we honestly thought it was a joke because who eats pizza that way? So strange!
      Heather, Now see, I would have thought the keystone corner piece with no cheese would warrant fistfights!
      Joan, Excellent idea! What a great way to change up leftovers!

  4. Kurt Wolf says:

    I’m on board with the strange Ohio cut pizza’s. It makes no sense to me. Luckily, most places will happily cut the pie correctly, just request “pie cut”. An issue I have with most pizza is that they are simply melting the cheese. I like the cheese actually cooked. Try ordering a pie from them again, “pie cut” and well done. This is my go-to pizza joint in Dublin. Also check out Dante’s Pizza in Clintonville. Cash only.

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