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Hello my pretty athletes! How are you all doing and how has your week been?

My week has been a little “off” and it has been a nice reminder that it’s the bigger picture that is more important and not the individual days.  Admittedly I was totally frustrated with the reminder and cursing just about everything with silent mutterings.

I was falling asleep tired all week long and it hit hard on Tuesday.  I did a strength training on Monday and Tuesday I was going to push out 8 miles.  I’m switching up my schedule so that I do longer run on Tuesday, medium on Wednesday, and short speedy on Thursday.

Tuesday called for 8 miles but I did 7.5 because I could not bring myself to do another loop around my hood.  I have sections around my neighborhood that are different distances.  I can combine them to make runs of various lengths which is nice because I can pick and choose how I want to do my runs.  I have a lovely little loop that is .5 miles that I punch out when I need just that small amount to take my total miles up to an even amount.  This little loop is part of another longer route though so when I do need to add it in, I’m repeating a section that I have already run.  Sometimes it’s no biggie and some days I will lose my marbles if I have to make that loop again.  Tuesday was one of those days, so 7.5 it was.

The rest of Tuesday I was flat out tired. Like total body exhaustion tired.  All I wanted to do was go to bed but you know, stuff has to get done.  Such is life.  I almost didn’t go to Muay Thai that night but we hadn’t been to a Tuesday night class in a long time, so I went.  Then I got to bed later than I wanted and didn’t really have the best sleep.

I did take Wednesday off to rest.  I didn’t want to but that is how training goes.  You just have to listen to your body and respect it’s wishes.

Thursday, I did my speed workout.  Four quickie miles.  Not as quick as I wanted but quick nonetheless and I’m pleased with that. :)

Friday was another rest day and my typical rest day.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Kim on Friday!  We met up at a local tea house for tea and some chatting.  I won a contest on Kim’s site for some amazing things!

I won a Jay Robb package full of some of his protein powders and protein bars.  It also came with a smoothie cup, a tote bag, and a ridiculous tank top with Jay Robb bedazzled across the chest.  I am in love with the tank top!

And the bestest part!

Zensha leg sleeves!  Whooo!  I have been wanting some sleeves or socks forever and lucky day I won a pair! Mine are purple and I cannot wait to use them.

Friday was a big day! :D

Saturday I did Jillian’s No Trouble Zones and man that kicked my butt!  It’s very clear that I’ve been slacking on getting strength workouts done because my core was not nearly as strong.  The weights were also very challenging so it’s time to get back into a routine and add in more strength.

Sunday was long run fail day.  Booo!  I made sure to get plenty of sleep and I was in bed by 7:30pm and asleep by 9pm.  I know how to party it up on Saturday nights!  I got plenty of sleep and it was a cooler night so I slept amazingly well.

During the first loop of my run, my left IT band started tightening up on me and then I got the burning sensation to go with it.  :cheesy: I have had IT trouble before and I have no desire to revisit that situation.  I pulled my run in at 5 miles and am calling it good.  I have foam rolled which I’ll do again.  I’m going to get Scott to rub the area and I’m going to call on my friend Wine to help relax the muscles. ;)

So while I wouldn’t call my week awesome, it was still a really good week.

5 thoughts on “Goodie Bag

  1. I have a smallish neighborhood that is under 2 miles (about 1.8 to be exact) and I had to do 16 miles here once. Talk about ready to lose my marbles! OMG! I am hoping with the construction going on around here that there will be some sidewalks added so I can extend that mileage some.

    It was so great to meet up with you!! :) I am loving those purple leg sleeves! :)

    Hope your IT band is better soon! BTDT and it sucks! My has been flaring up lately (same leg as the SF) – I suspect it is due to my funky walking with the boot. Lots of foam rolling here!


  2. Have you tried the Jay Robb protein powder yet? I’m a HUGE fan!!!!

    Unfortunately it’s not available in Canada so I don’t buy it often. I’m waiting for my current powder to run out so I can re-stock my Jay Robb supply! 

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