Switch tactics

Hi gang!  How was everyone’s Sunday?  Did you all have some lovely eats?

After my run and glorious shower, I had myself a lovely little bowl of yogurt with homemade granola, fresh blueberries, and some chocolate chips.  If someone tries to tell you that chocolate and blueberries don’t belong together, they are full of lies.  Because blueberries and chocolate go together like hippies and flip-flops.  It just works.

Scotty made it to bed crazy late Saturday night (read Sunday morning) so I knew he wouldn’t be up for a while.  I settled in for some Food TV (or Food Network, y’all know what I mean) and my laptop.

Do you all know about the new Cooking Channel? It launched over Labor Day weekend?  Well they promoted it like it was going to be a channel featuring more shows that focused solely on cooking.  Using up and coming foodies discussing techniques, recipes, travels, and experiences.  I sort of thought that maybe it would turn into something great.  Now I do like Food TV and I love me some Giada, Ina, and Guy (Yes I like Guy.  Shut it.) but I’m also ready for something more from cooking shows.  I also just want cooking shows.  Food TV has turned down the road of MTV and VH1 where the main concept is lost to reality shows, contests, and challenges.  Food TV has way too much of that now.  I honestly could care less who can build a cake to look like a spinning Cinderella complete with diamond encrusted tiara.  Gimme someone who can show me how to fillet a fish.

Ok I’m rambling!  Anyway, I was excited about this new Cooking Channel.  Except that it’s owned and operated by Food TV.  It started off showing these up and coming foodies but now it just shows older Food Network shows.  What the wha?!  Or at least that’s all I ever see, the Chefology stuff and then older Food Shows.

Have you all seen this or have access to the Cooking Channel?

Eventually Scott did get up for the day and after some lazing around on the couch chatting, I headed into the kitchen to make some Sunday Breakfast.

Fresh blackberries and cherries, both of which were on sale at Whole Foods.  The blackberries are HUGE and delicious.  I could have eaten the entire container!  The cherries were just alright.  Good but could have been better.   Our breakfast continued to be berrylicious!

Double Berry Buckwheat pancakes!  Basic buckwheat pancakes (vegan of course) with fresh blueberries and raspberries.

I dipped those bad boys into some maple syrup and there was chicken breakfast sausage on the side.  One of the pancakes I buttered first!  Buttering waffles and pancakes is something I never ever do.  Ever.  I never did it growing up and this is probably the second time in my life that I’ve done this.  I always found it unnecessary.  But yesterday?  I wanted that extra little indulgence and decadence.  I wanted the richness of that little smidge of butter and it was delicious!

After breakfast I prepped everything for dinner later and then we headed back to the couch!  Scott did some freelance work and I read my first Runner’s World magazine.  I got my first two issues in the mail last week and I finally had a moment to read one.  It was fantastic!  I love that it is full of helpful tips but also articles of real everyday runners sharing their own experiences with life.  Amazing! And why I didn’t pick this up before I do not know.  I currently also get Women’s Running but I don’t really care for it at all.  It’s new so it has some growing to do but for me it focuses too much on diet and weight loss or how to run while you have kids.  I’m not in either demographic so there’s no appeal for me.

I had plans of grilling for dinner until we got slammed with a serious thunderstorm.  Yikes!  Trees were blowing around like crazy!  I figured it best not to sent Scott out to grill in the rain. ;)

Instead, I had to switch tactics and cook our turkey burgers inside with a skillet.  I didn’t feel like dragging out my grill pan.  This worked great and everything tasted excellent!

We had a kale and golden beet salad with great northern beans I cooked earlier that morning.  I love everything about kale and this salad fully delivered.  It was cold, tasty, and had a nice chew from the kale.

We had what I am calling Southwestern Turkey Burgers (recipe upcoming) made with local turkey from the farmer’s market and a baked potato on the side.  The burger was full of yummy surprises and topped with some pepperjack cheese.  Yes I eat my burgers bunless.  For the record I love bread! And I’m not a carb hater or a low-carber or any such other label.  Bread just happens to fill me up and if I can fill my tum with more veggies or whatever instead of bread, then I’m kicking the bread to the side.

Look how huge that potato is!!  I only had half that I topped with butter, cracked pepper, and my sour cream of choice, 2% Fage Greek Yogurt.  So good!  This meal was filling and completely satisfying!

The rest of the evening was spent watching some TV.  We watched Holmes (hooray!) and then we caught up on Deadliest Catch.  Do you watch that show?  Gosh that is some serious sad stuff right now.

Dessert was some Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Pie along with some white wine that I do not have a picture of.  The pie was creamy and very rich!  Then I hightailed it off to bed for some much needed rest!

Tell me how your Sunday was!

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7 thoughts on “Switch tactics

  1. Everything looks great!

    Re: Food Network. I used to love it. Now all they show in the evenings are stupid reality shows. About the only thing I watch on there is “Good Eats” because I love Alton Brown. Oh, and I get their magazine because I love the variety of recipes and the way its laid out.

    From what I’ve seen of Cooking Channel, it seems like they have more actual cooking shows.

  2. yeah – I think I need the pancake AND pie recipe :) I’ve got to find some buckwheat flour already.

    Sounds like a great day overall! We watched Holmes, too, and it is really sad about Deadliest Catch. We heard about Phil a few months ago when it happened, so it’s strange to see everything happening on tv now.

    My Sunday was great! full of laundry, lounging, cooking, Shredding, and getting ready for this week.

    I need to try the fresh blueberry + chocolate chip combo – stat!

  3. I have sorta boy-cotted the cooking channel because seriously I don’t need another cooking channel to be addicted too….but, now….*sigh*

    Berrylicious and those turkey burgers – YUM!

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