Pizza Thursday Report for July 1st, 2010

Starting off a new month with pizza is fabulous!  This week has been really busy for both of us.  Between work stuff and other outside commitments, it seems like we’ve been running nonstop.  I’m hoping that things slow up starting on Sunday and we can relax and do whatever the rest of next week.

Pizza turned out amazing this week!  We’ve been having beautiful weather with no humidity which has made everything so pleasant!  I still stuck with the new summertime method of using whole wheat flour for the crust though.  I think this is key and will go back to spelt once the weather cools down for fall.

Pretty simple veggie pizza this week:

  • Whole wheat crust
  • Pizza sauce
  • Shredded moz and asiago
  • Red Onion
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms on Scott’s half


We kicked it watching Antiques Roadshow because that’s how we roll.  Some chick found a painting in the $6 bin at the thrift store that was worth 10K.  Amazing!  I also find amazing what is worth money and what is not.  A sold gold Chinese ring with a white opal center made in the 1800s (The Chinese only deal in solid gold unlike the States that have 14K, 10K and such) was only worth somewhere between 3-5K whereas a rinky-dink beat up Heinz 57 sting dispenser and cutter was worth 10K.

Um, WHAT?!

Crazy.  And that’s why I watch because you just never know what is what.  It also provides nice drama especially when someone finds out that what they’ve been told all along is not true.  Basically if there’s a family story to go along with the piece, that story got distorted somewhere along the way and what you’ve been told is a big fish of a tale.  Plus it’s just neat to see old stuff.  We love old stuff here at the HQ!  It fascinates us!

Dessert was two squares of dark chocolate with some white wine.

Cupcake Chardonnay which ended up being the nastiest Chard we have ever had.  YUCK!  It was thick and sweet like a syrup.  It was also super heavy on the tongue and mouth instead of being a light crisp wine.  I’m not even sure if we can finish the bottle.  Icky poo!

Then me and my aching bod went to bed!  Martial arts was rough this week and I’m totally feeling it.

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