Hot and sticky

Hello my pretty athletes!  How are we all doing this week?  My week was a little off schedule due to being on vacation but it was still fab and I’m not complaining.

I had three rest days this week!  I know it’s crazy but it’s also vacation so whatever.  I’m not going to feel guilty or be upset for relaxing, can you dig it?

This past week has been hot with a side of hot and some extra hot on top with humidity for dessert.  Basically the weather has been miserable and running in it hasn’t been full of fun.  It has been challenging!

I won a contest over at Java Joggers and my prize was a Bondi Band!  YaY!  I have been wanting to try out a Bondi Band forever.  I’ve seen so many other runners wear them that I was curious to test them out.  Plus I was on the hunt for something new since my running hat wasn’t working for me anymore.  The one I won is blue with writing that says “Will run for….” And then it has pictures of pizza, beer, cupcake, and a margarita..

This is only partially true for me.   I will not run for a cupcake or a margarita but I will bust my ass for some beer and pizza.  In case you are ever responsible for feeding me after a run, now you know what is appropriate and what is not.

I wore my new Bondi Band on Tuesday when it was crazy humid.  I slept-in which meant I was only doing a shortie run.  I did 4 miles and it was hard!  HARD.  I don’t know how people can run in the late morning sun and heat because it wrecks me.  That is me right after my Tuesday run.  Obviously I’m sweating like Lindsey before a drug test as evidenced by my red hawt face and soaked t-shirt.  The Bondi Band worked great at keeping the sweat out of my eyes.  I was amazed actually by how well it worked.  Expect a product review soon!

As a side note, the shirt I’m wearing in that picture is one of my favorite running shirts.  Its light-weight and shows me how much I sweat which I love.  I want to see how hard I just kicked it!

Wednesday I did nothing but relaxed.

Thursday I did 5 miles and the first 3.5 were with Scott.  Scott was going pretty fast, he was running roughly a 9 min mile the whole time and I totally kept up with him the entire 3.5.  That includes the end when he took off sprinting like a brat, rookie.  His mentality is, “Holy crap the end is right there, if I go faster it will be over faster.”  Instead of, you know, keeping a regular pace. :p  I sprinted right along with him, dropped him off, and headed back out.  I would have done 6 but mother nature called and there was no way I was letting that go to voicemail.  I lived with 5 and called it good.

Friday, I busted out 6.  Normally a rest day but I already had some and really wanted to get another run in.  Scott didn’t go with me, he said he wanted to sleep in.  See?  That’s what happens to rookies who bust it out super fast.  Y’all wear yourselves out! ;)  My run on Friday was awesome and I was so happy to have gotten some movement going.

Saturday I played Lego Star Wars.  This was an exercise involving my patience because I want to toss this game out a window and then run it over with the car.

Sunday, glorious Sunday!  I got up, changed, filled my CamelBak and headed out for my long run.  Naturally once the humidity decreases I consider taking my CamelBak out with me.  I have a love hate relationship with this thing.

I love having water with me at all times.

I hate the “swish swish” sound of sloushing water as I run.  It also has something on the right strap that pokes me in the arm.  It also slows me down.  Or at least if feels like it slows me down.  I’m a light runner.  Meaning, I don’t like taking a lot of stuff with me on runs.  I try to run with as little as possible, so carrying a backpack full of water = not fun for me.  However it’s summer and you gotta do what you gotta do, right?  I wore it for the first 4.5 loop then I tossed it in the corner like a prom dress.  This is because I had to head home to use the facilities. I would have worn it the whole time if I didn’t have to stop, just to see how I would do on a super long run with it.

My long run today?  12 miles!  :woohoo:  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done a double digit run and it felt soooo nice to finally get in a great long run.  My pace was pretty great today and I finished those 12 just over 2 hours, clocking in at 2:02!  That’s not shabby at all!

So while this week saw a lot of rest days and a few odd runs, I’m still happy with the end result. :D

What all did you do this week?

8 thoughts on “Hot and sticky

  1. I’ve been thinking that I need a camelbak for running in the heat. Andy and I went hiking and it was terrible without any water. But I am concerned that wearing a backpack full of water would drive me crazy. I might have to spring for one and check it out.

    I also think a Bondi Band would be fantastic! I get sweat in my eyes and glasses everytime. Gross.

  2. I would love to know if the Bondi Bands would work for me because I feel like no headbands actually stay on my head. I hear they are fantastic though.

    Great workouts this week girl!

  3. Though I haven’t run any distances that would require me to use a CamelBak or similar device, I feel like that would drive me crazy too! I don’t really run with much—clothing, running shoes, and sports watch—so I feel like that feeling of carrying something extra would bug me. Plus the sloshy sound!

    Sounds like you had a great week running, and balanced with fun and relaxation. :)

    The weather kept me indoors most days, so I ended up doing much more core and upper body work than running. I ran an easy 3 on Monday, a quick sprint workout on Friday, 2.3 miles last night, and 3.3 today. I was aiming for a 4 miler today, but the heat zapped me! (I just got back in, at 6:30 PM.)

  4. Great week, Andrea! I love my Bondi Band! Mine says “Will run for chocolate!” LOL!

    WTG on your 12 miler! I can’t wait to get there again. I will hopefully get clearance to run this week *crossing fingers, toes, etc*!

  5. Glad you’ve been enjoying your vacation :)

    and I was wondering how the bondi bands were! It sounds like I might need one.

    Great job on the 12 miler! Nick and I ran 3 miles this morning and took Maggie out to a farm today and probably walked another 1-2 miles and swam for a bit. It was fun!

  6. Great pace on that long run! I’m glad you were able to take some time off and rest. I see people running in the middle of the day around here all the time and I hvae no idea how they do it. It is just unbearable to me.

    I was sick the end of last week and over the weekend so I took a lot of time off. I think I feel up to putting in a few miles tonight though.

  7. LOL. You are so funny. Your little jokes in this post totally crack me up (the hot weather, the Lindsey joke, the no magarita/cupcake)!

    Awesome job on the 12 miler!

    My bros gave me Lego Star Wars for the Xbox, then later, the wii. I never opened it for the wii, becuase the Xbox game frustrated me so much!

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