Farm Market Report for July 20th, 2010

Hi gang! Scott and I were able to hit the Hilliard Farm Market this week and we were not disappointed!  I think this is the most I’ve bought yet!  I definitely wanted to go because I was in great need of some fresh tomatoes in my life.  Summer tomatoes have totally stolen my heart this year.  Here’s what was in my bag:

  • Orange Tomatoes
  • Red Tomatoes
  • Blackberries
  • Corn
  • Green Peppers
  • Zucchini
  • Nectarines
  • Whole Wheat bread loaf


  • Green peppers came from Wishwell Farms, 2 for $1 which considering the size of these peppers, is a great deal.
  • Orange tomatoes, blackberries (which are huge!), zucchinis, and nectarines all came from Hirsch Fruit Farm.
  • Four ears of bi-color sweet corn and red tomatoes from Rhoads Farm.
  • And finally the Whole Wheat bread came from Grammy’s Cozy Kitchen (no website).

I had some time on my hands last night to cook up a lovely supper!  It was hot outside but that didn’t stop me from putting on a big pot of chowder!

Oh yes I did!

We had corn chowder last night with all four ears of fresh corn! Some of the green pepper and zucchini got tossed in as well.  The chowder was spicy, thick, and delicious.  With the whole wheat bread on the side topped with a smidge of butter this meal was satisfying for both the bellah and the soul. :D

Today some tomato slices went onto a veggie wrap for Scott and I put some on my salad at lunch.  I also have some tomatoes ready to go into a homemade salsa!  The blackberries I keep sneaking pieces of every time I pass the fridge. :D

What did you get at the market this week?

7 thoughts on “Farm Market Report for July 20th, 2010

  1. your market has some great prices! We don’t have peppers here yet, but they should be showing up soon.

    This last week, I got:
    zucchini and squash

  2. Heidi says:

    I went to the Hilliard Farm Market too, and got:

    cucumbers, peaches, corn, tomatoes, a big cantalope, and some swiss chard (never had it, so we’re trying it). I wanted to get some bread, but they were sold out. Maybe next time. My kids keep bugging me to get cheese, so I’ll have to get some one of these trips.

  3. I got : peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, squash, pickles, kettle corn, beef jerky, peaches, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember!!

  4. That chowder sounds great! Hot or not I still crave soup in the summer. I love that you can get nectarines at your market. I went to one in a neighboring county Tues to get tomatillos for more salsa and unfortunately the vendor wasn’t there.

    So, little from the market this week but red tomatoes, orange and red cherry tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, zucchini, orange and red bell peppers and jalapenos from our garden!

  5. My haul was so sad this week Andrea! :(

    They had almost no fruit and produce. I ended up with two bags of greens and shitaki mushrooms. Then when I got the greens out to eat I realized they had some kind of blight on them. Gian fail.

    I had to spend a bundle on supermarket produce.

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