Tuesday Tip: Stay Hydrated, eat your fruit and veggies

It’s summertime in the US and this mean HOT weather.  And if you are lucky enough to live in the East, South, and Midwest then you get the bonus of also enduring humidity!  Hooray!

High humidity means that you can actually swim to your car, the corner, or the mailbox instead of walking like normal folks.  It’s totally true because when you get back home you are soaked through like you just swam through something.  And how does it feel walking in that humidity?  It feels like you dove into a lukewarm bath.  Yeah, it’s pretty gross.

Hot and humidity means that you sweat.  A LOT! Way more than one normally sweats and this also means fluid loss.  In the summer we need to be more vigilant about making sure we take in enough fluids to keep our bodies hydrated and functioning at top levels!

This goes for both athletes and non-athletes.

This is where fruit and veggies become even more important to our diets and our well-being, because they can help keep us hydrated!

So many veggies get a bad rap.  Let’s list a few just for fun.

  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Celery

All lovely green veggies!  What is everyone’s biggest complaint about them?  “Oh I don’t eat those because they are mostly water.”

Last time I checked, our bodies are literally 60-70% water.

So why stay away from veggies that have lots of water?  Eat that stuff up and hydrate your bod!

Iceberg lettuce makes wonderful lettuce for wraps and dips.  Cucumbers can add crunch to salad or can be topped with hummus for instant snack.  Celery is great in potato salads, with PB, or just as a regular snack.

These are crunchy and yes, they are watery!  Water our bodies can definitely use especially in the summertime!

Fresh fruit can be a great source of fluids as well.  All the melons are totally juicy and great on hot days.  Grapes?  Fabbo!  Cherries, strawberries, and peaches?  Full of wonderful juice!

I don’t like dissing on fruit and veggies because I think everything can be used to benefit and aid us in some way, we just have find a way to use it.

Stay hydrated this summer friends!  Eat your fruits and veggies. :D

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Stay Hydrated, eat your fruit and veggies

  1. Words of wisdom my friend! :) Funny how dehydrated I feel in the summer. I never crave water when I am cold, but I seem to overly crave water when I am hot. If that’s even possible! ;)

  2. Heidi says:

    Great tips! I don’t normally think of veggies (even ones like celery and iceberg) as helping me keep hydrated. Thanks for the post.

  3. Nothing tastes better on a humid summer day than a slice of watermelon!

    I think it is funny that some foods get a bad rap. Well, yeah… if that is all you eat! I don’t know anyone who only eats iceberg lettuce and cucumbers and celery though! Hee hee.

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