Farmer’s Market Report for June 29th, 2010

Hi gang!  We were finally able to make it back to the Hilliard Farmer’s Market this week!  I would love to go every week but for our schedule it is sort of at a bad time.  If it started one hour earlier it would be perfect!

There was a two new booths this week, Oink, Moo, and Cluck and Blue Jacket Creamery. OMC were also grilling while we were there!  We were not looking for meat purchases though so we didn’t make it down that far.  I wanted to try some cheese from Blue Jacket but a parent wasn’t paying attention to her kids that were going back to the samples multiple times with the same toothpick.  Um, so yeah, I didn’t get to test taste much.  I did some try of their Grillin’ Cheese, which is cheese you can slice and fry up!  It was yummy! Sort of salty and totally chewy cheesy goodness.

I saw lots of berries this time around, along with peaches, and corn!  Hooray for sweet summer corn!

So my purchases this week included:

Raspberries and corn from Rhoads Farm along with tomatoes and zucchini from Wishwell Farms.  I was going to get blueberries but just missed those! When I got back to the booth, they had sold the last batch.  Booo

I had some very tart and juicy raspberries this morning with my morning overnight oats.  Perfect fuel for post run!

Scott had a lovely BLT for lunch with the tomatoes and also some local bacon as well.

I had my BLT with a bit more roughage.

In salad form with a ton of chopped veggies, a few seeds for crunch and fiber, and topped with balsamic and olive oil.

Dinner tonight will be made with the corn and tomatoes.  It will look very similar to this:

In fact it will be totally identical! A lovely black bean and corn wrap! With lots of veggies, hot sauce, guacamole, and “sour cream” (greek yogurt).  I already can’t wait to dig in!

Here’s my OHC PSA:  Support your local farmers and get out to the Farmer’s Markets!  Not only are you supporting your neighbors and your state, but you will know where your food is coming from.  Knowledge is power!  Curious to where some are?  Here’s a small (because there is a ton!) list to get you started:

Weekend Farmer’s Markets:

North Market on Saturday mornings (get there early, it’s popular!)

Clintonville Saturdays, 9am-Noon

Worthington Saturdays, 9am-Noon

Mid-Week Markets:

Hilliard on Tuesdays from 4-7pm down on Main Street in Old Hilliard.  Right at the entrance to Rails to Trails

Dublin on Wednesdays from 4-7pm on Bridge St. in the parking lot of the Dublin Community Church

Mid-Week markets are very handy because not everyone can make a market during the weekend.  Mid-Week gives you access to things you might otherwise be missing out on!

I’m now going to direct your attention to a fellow blogger, Brandi of Branappetite!  Brandi is cute as a button and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  We got a very brief chance to chat last year at the Foodbuzz Festival and hopefully we’ll get a chance to connect again sometime.  She is starting a series on her blog called Scratch Made which features recipes and instructions on how to make things at home from scratch!  The goal is to show you how easy it is to make things yourself using wholesome healthy ingredients.  It also fits in perfectly with my Homespun Sundays!  Her first post is up, check it out!

Also, it just might give you some ideas of what you can do with all the new stuff you just purchased from your local farmer’s market!  Get in the kitchen guys because who knows what great things you can make from scratch!

5 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Report for June 29th, 2010

  1. My veggie intake triples this time of year. It looks like you got some great stuff and it’s so great that you all have so many markets around. We have quite the selection here too and I’m always so impressed by the things being grown. I had a Mr. Stripey tomato yesterday, an heirloom, for the first time. Seriously the best tomato I have ever eaten.

  2. Isn’t this time of year like Christmas? I just can’t get enough of the markets! Food never has tasted better. :)

    Mmm, no wonder you are recreating that for dinner. It looks out of this world!

  3. Totes saving this post for reference to the markets. There is also a permanent stand (during the summer) up Dublin Rd past Glick in Shawnee Hills. It’s closed on Wednesdays, but other than that, it’s open during the day.

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