Kentucky Summer Sippin’ Tea

To me, one of the best things about blogging is that it gives you the chance to meet people you otherwise might never have crossed paths with.  It makes the world a little bit smaller and helps us make meaningful connections with others.  I have met so many people because of this lil blog and I’m so thankful for that.

Blogging also helps us get the chance to sample products we might otherwise never have known about.  One of my blogging buddies, Lori, sent me this tea for my birthday earlier this year.  She’s in Kentucky and sent me a blend of tea made at a local Inn.  Elmwood Inn is located in Perryville, KY and they’ve been making teas since 1990.  Once a public tea room, they now focus exclusively on selling and importing teas.

The tea Lori sent me is Elmwood’s Kentucky Blend Tea which is a combo of different Chinese black teas.  The first mug of this I had, was on an unseasonably cold April afternoon.  It was perfect!  Sometimes black teas can have a bit of a bitter finish to them but this was very smooth and needed very little honey to help balance it out.

Right away I knew that I wanted to make a drink with this tea!  Since the Inn itself has a deep Kentucky history and because the name of the tea also includes Kentucky, I had to obviously honor the state south of me.  After some thinking, I came up with a great afternoon drink!

Andrea’s Kentucky Summer Sippin’ Tea

For my iced tea, I used 3 bags of Elmwood Inn Kentucky Blend Tea and 3 bags of regular black tea.

Add the juice of half an orange into a glass, then add the bourbon.  Pour the iced tea on top and stir.  Garnish with an orange slice and start sippin’ away!

This tea was so good!  I’m not a huge hard liquor person so I literally only had a few sips but what I did have, I honestly enjoyed.  I made this for Scott to sip on while he manned the grill for our Homespun Sunday Supper.  He loved it!

The bourbon doesn’t weight the tea down at all, it stays light and sweet.  The orange juice brings just a bit of freshness to the tea brightening up the flavor.  It goes down very smooth and you’ll most definitely contemplate having another with your meal.

I think some mint leaves or a squeeze of lime added to the mix would also work here!  We have more tea left so I’m going to assume that this will get made again in the near future.

Have fun guys, and remember, always play with your food!  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Kentucky Summer Sippin’ Tea

  1. Awesome recipe! You know how to serve it up right. This sounds so good and I just love how creative you got with the tea. :) Really glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t been to the tea house in person yet, but I hear it is a cool little place. Fortunately, you can get their tea at a lot of stores around here. They also sell it by the cup at a cafe shop near our house.

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