Homespun Sundays

As some of the long-time readers know, Sundays are for family here at the HQ.  Scott and I plan it so that we don’t have to do anything like leave the house or run errands or whatever.  Occasionally we’ll have some chores to do around the house, but even those we try and do together.  Sunday is the one day that is considered a “free day” which means there’s nothing on the agenda and we can use it to focus on each other instead of work, hobbies, and other outside forces.

Sundays at the HQ also mean it’s time for real food.  In all honesty, Scott and I eat really clean the majority of the time. I would be even willing to go so far as to say that 97% of our eats are totally clean real food eats.  I would love to say 100% but on the rare occasion we eat something someone else has created, I can’t guarantee the ingredients used, so I’m sticking with 97%.

I love Sunday eats for the sheer fact that I create “big” meals.  We have a lovely Sunday Breakfast and then I create a equally lovely Sunday Supper as well.  It’s a time for us to chill out, relax, and rest our bods while nourishing it as well.  I have found that not only does this feed our bellies but it takes care of the mind and soul as well.

Sundays mean slowing down, and that also goes for the eats that come out of my kitchen. Taking my time to make something from scratch. It’s very cathartic and it occurred to me that maybe other people might enjoy this just as much!

I’m putting out the idea of Homespun Sundays.  This means that on Sunday everything that is eaten is created by you or your family in your kitchen using real honest foods.

Processed foods are to be kept down to a minimum.

During the week people are busy with life.  It happens to everyone.  Sometimes people might rely on processed foods to help them get meals on the table.  Because Sundays are a part of the weekend, and most people tend to use that as a relaxing day, I think it’s the perfect day to take the time and create great meals at home using real food.

To me, Homespun Sundays mean that everything you eat you created.  For example:

If you eat pancakes, then you made those pancakes from scratch.  No Betty Crocker or Bisquick allowed.  No heat and serve stuff.

If you are eating fish and rice, then the fish is fresh. No frozen fish sticks or breaded fish fillets. Frozen fresh fish is acceptable.  The rice is something you cooked. No Minute Rice or Uncle Ben’s Heat and Serve.  Real rice cooked in a pot (or rice cooker).

Everything you eat comes from your hands and is as minimally processed as possible.

Are there exceptions?  Of course!  If you used canned beans, that’s cool.  Cheese and yogurt that you didn’t make, that’s fine too.

The idea is to get you to slow down and start taking back your kitchen and your meals.  It will help you get creative in the kitchen and help you expand your kitchen knowledge and experience.

If you want to add another layer to Homespun Sundays, you can look into starting to purchase foods as locally as possible.  We all have access to local foods, we just need to take the time and put the effort out to get it.  It’s there and we should be doing our part to help support our local vendors.

Our Homespun Sunday started with breakfast, which is the first picture in this entry.  We had:

  • Buckwheat blueberry pancakes and spelt pancakes
  • Chicken breakfast sausage (naturally raised, no hormones, no antibiotics)
  • Fruit and yogurt parfait with homemade granola
  • Fresh squeezed OJ and coffee

For Sunday Supper we had:

Grilled turkey brats purchased from Whole Foods and topped with peppers, onions, and sauerkraut.  Easy coleslaw and grilled marinated yellow squash and zucchini.  The marinade consisted of:

  • Light olive oil
  • Sesame Chili Oil
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Salt and pepper

And we also had some grilled multi-grain garlic bread that had butter, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. YUM!

So what do you think?  Are you willing to commit to at least one day a week of eating clean and reducing your intake of processed foods down to a minimum?  Any Sunday that you participate, just shoot me an email by the following Monday morning with a link to your post.  This way I can put up a Homespun Sunday Roundup when I post my meals.  If you don’t have a blog, feel free to send me a picture (must be clear and not blurry!) along with a description your meal and I’ll add it to my post. :D

If you talk about your meals on Twitter, use #HSS along with #realfood (if there’s room) as the hashtag. Let’s take back Sundays and eat real food!  Who’s with me?

6 thoughts on “Homespun Sundays

  1. Heidi says:

    I’m in! I normally make a homemade meal on Sunday evenings, but it would be good to eliminate all processed food for the whole day at least once a week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. We often reserve these Sabbath Sundays too! It always includes a Sunday Family Breakfast and a nice sunday dinner. I hope to continue this tradition for a long time, especially when the family begins. :)

  3. A personal trainer once told my mom that the best way to eat was to avoid anything that came out of a bag or box. I try to live by that “rule” as much as possible.

  4. I do my big meals on Sunday usually, but sometimes it does mean a bottled marinade. I like your idea, but I don’t know if I will commit. I will take a look though. And if I use diced frozen onions, it means I diced and then froze them, just so you know.

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