Donut Memories

I had something today for breakfast that I haven’t had in ages, a donut.  In fact it’s been so long since I’ve had an actual donut that I don’t even remember when that last time was!

There is a small little donut shop not very far from our house and we just recently discovered that it existed.  We had discussed getting donuts before but never made the purchase.

Today as I was showering after my workout, Scott asked me if we should get some donuts.


I finished my shower while he made a quick donut run.  He came back with a few selections for each of us.  He explained what each selection was and said that by the time he arrived most of everything was picked over.  Apparently you need to get there super early in order to have a bigger selection.  What he did purchase was perfect though.

As I was looking in the box at the variety of donuts, I realized that Scott’s tastes and my tastes are totally different!  And it’s amazing that just with something as small as donuts, you can see distinct personalities.

I prefer cake or old fashioned donuts.  I don’t really like glazed or sugared donuts.  I also do not like filled donuts or donuts with icing on them.  I love chocolate cake donuts.  Scott is the exact opposite of me.

I had my donut with a sliced apple and a small bowl of yogurt and granola.  I need a little more UMPH to my breakfast.  Just a donut doesn’t cut it.  I chose a sour cream donut that I could dunk into my coffee because a donut dunked in coffee is a totally amazing taste to me.

I actually have some really great donut memories.  I was a little kid when my oldest sister was away at college.  When she would come back home on breaks she would bring Dunkin’ Donuts with her and I got to eat chocolate donuts!  I grew up in the sticks and we didn’t have a Dunkin’ Donuts.  We had a Yum-Yums that sold donuts but they sold other things too and mostly did breakfast stuffs for the guys in town who worked nights.  Anytime we had donuts at my parent’s house, they were from the grocery store and usually along the lines of honeybuns or Hostess donuts.  A donut from an actual donut shop was a rare and welcomed treat.

The first time I ever had a Krispy Kreme donut, Scott and I were living in North Carolina.  We were on our own and while we had already been living on our own for over a year by that point, living in North Carolina was our first adventure away from family and Pennsylvania.  It was just us doing our own thing and making lots of discoveries along the way.  We had seen some Krispy Kreme donuts in the grocery store and decided to try some.  They were heaven and unlike any kind of donut I’ve had before.  Whenever we wanted a special little treat, we would get some donuts to share.

Today’s donut was a nice little change and treat to have with our morning.  As I ate my sourcream donut and Scott ate his cream filled donut, I realized that how sometimes something as simple as a donut can stir up a lot of thoughts and memories.

Do you like donuts?  Do you have any special donut memories?

10 thoughts on “Donut Memories

  1. I like donuts but I really don’t eat them nowadays. I used to eat those crappy packaged ones when I was younger. Crappy-delicious of course. But I really don’t feel good eating them nowadays so I just don’t. :p No special donut memories here… just eating like 3 of them in a row, not exactly an awesome memory, eh?

  2. Mmmm, sour cream donuts. I haven’t had one of those in years!

    Donuts are not something I particularly love so I can easily pass them up when someone brings them to work. However, I have fond memories of field trips to the apple orchard in my hometown and of eating apple cider cake donuts there. I definitely can’t pass one of those up.

  3. I am not a huge donut person (I know, it’s shocking to me too!). I can go years without having one and be just fine.

    Krispy Kreme are good, but the ones from Der Dutchman rock my socks. Those are the only ones I will really crave.

    I’m more like you – prefer plain, cake-like. I do like the ones that have more of the pudding-like filling over the cream-filled.

    We had a place in town called Tasty Pastry and they were awesome. I always preferred those to Hostess when I was growing up.

    I actually have a hierarchy of what I like for sweets: Ice Cream, Cookies, Cake. Donuts would be after cake somewhere.

  4. Too funny that you wrote this today! For my Friday Question yesterday, I was thinking of asking people what their fave donut is! Because there IS a huge variety and it is so interesting!

    I do like (vegan) donuts. But we rarely make them, so I rarely eat them! No special memories for me.

  5. My mom used to buy a dozen and then cut them all up into like 1/8ths and then give us fondue forks so we could try every kind! What a good mommy!

  6. Donuts are my weakness on this planet! When my husband and I lived in Chattanooga, TN, we were down the street from a Krispy Kreme restaurant that actually made the donuts on location. They had this neon sign that read, “Hot and Fresh” and would flash when a new batch was ready to go.
    Every time we drove down the street, both of our heads would snap toward Krispy Kreme, hoping the sign was flashing.
    You’re right — they are heaven!

  7. Donuts were always a Sunday-special around our house growing up so I completely understand the memories you are talking about. Now, they are one of those foods that I still enjoy, but they make me feel a little crappy after eating.

    I still have them from time to time, but what I enjoy more about them now is the history associated with them. It seems there are so many maw-and-pop, family donut shops around the US that have been in business for years and years. We have a few here in central Ky and there is a bakery like that in my hometown. I like learning about these places and tasting the hard work. :)

  8. nalene says:

    I don’t know how long you’ve been in Columbus. But there used to be a fourbakers on Sawmill road. When I was little, I would seriously eat 6 longjohns at a time (the long donuts with chocolate on top and cream in the middle, still my fav yummmmmmm) Now, We don’t eat like that anymore, I can’t tell you the last time I had a donut either! It hurts my teeth thinking about it. My kids hate me, haha

  9. I haven’t had a donut in a long time. This post has really got me craving them. My favorite used to be a raspberry jelly-filled but it’s way too sugary for me now. I’d like to try a sour cream donut.

    My mom loves chocolate cake donuts. They always make me think of her. If I ever need to cheer her up, I know what to get her!

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