Andrea Works-out: May 2nd – 9th, 2010

This week was full of Ups and Downs!


Working out again on Monday and doing some strength moves.  I was happy to have the taper week and race behind me and go back to my regular workout schedule.  Tapering is the hardest part of race training!  I almost ran on Monday but decided to stick with my usual routine and do strength.  It felt amazing!

Tuesday I ran six miles and loved running!  It was so nice to be out and running again, oh how I missed it!  I ran my fastest 6 miles in under an hour giving me a sub 10min/mile pace.  Go me!

Thursday I finally got an 8mile run in!  Eight miles is pretty typical for me on Thursday but the last few weeks I haven’t been able to get in 8 for whatever reason.  This week 8 on my side! Also this was my fastest 8 miles that I have run so far, under 1:20.  Whooo!

So to review, the ups were getting back to a regular workout schedule and getting in some personal bests.  Hooray for PRs!


Wednesday I woke up from a really crappy night of sleeping.  I was going to do an exercise video but I really just wanted to run.  I decided since it was late morning to do a quick loop and did 3 miles.  There was a small “up” to this run because I got 3 miles done in under 30 minutes!  That’s my fastest 3 miles to date.  However since I had a crap sleep and wasn’t feeling it, it was more of a downer day.

Sunday, long run day and holy schnikies this was a horrible run.  I haven’t had a really bad run in a long time so I guess it’s time to pay my dues.  I have to tell you that the weather totally wore me down and broke me today.  This spring Ohio has been particularly moody and we’ve gone from cold to warm to cold several times over.

It’s making me really cranky.  This past winter was pretty brutal with really cold temps and tons of snow.  Since I run all year long outside, when spring hits I’m totally ready for it.  When we hit that first cold snap after the first warm session, it made me really cranky because I’m over running in cold, ya dig?  I figured it wouldn’t last long and it didn’t, we got warm weather again soon.

But now it’s cold again.  We were at 84 degrees on Friday and Saturday we were at 50 for a high.  Today we are also at 50. :whatever:  When I woke up this morning to head out for a run and I had to dig out my long pants and shirt again along with a hat, I was pretty much mentally worn out.  I started running and I was cold and it was windy making it even colder.

I never warmed up really or could find my groove.  Had it not been windy, I would have been able to run longer but I just could not handle the wind or cold for much.  I did 8 miles today and I’m calling that good.  I almost came inside at 4.5 but pushed myself and kept going for 8.  The hot shower and hot coffee were especially nice this morning!

The “up” to my crap run this morning was seeing some baby geese and baby duckies up for breakfast and a morning swim. :cupidarrow:


I ran a total of 25 miles this week.

I joined a “Run 50 Miles in May” Challenge and am currently at 38 miles! Whooo!

Can’t get enough of my workout talk? Well you can also see it on my Twitter and DailyMile accounts.  I would love it if some of my other runner buddies got Daily Mile accounts too! *winkwinknudgenudge*

4 thoughts on “Andrea Works-out: May 2nd – 9th, 2010

  1. I feel you on the fickle weather. The temps here in New Jersey have been all over the place, after a pretty bad winter. I ran outside all winter, and would now love to have something between 50 and 90 to run in… good for you for getting your workouts in!

  2. I sympathize with the grumpiness about the cooler weather again. I admit, I only ran once this week because I couldn’t face going outside in the 50 degree weather. How sad is that?

  3. Holy speed demon! You were totally on this week! And if it had not been for the cold, your long run would have been super speedy too! :)

    I was totally itching to run ALL WEEK but made myself take a break. I am excited to be back on schedule this week.

    Tell me more about the daily mile. Is it just another place to log workouts? I log my runs at Garmin Connect.

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