I’ve talked before about bloat and dealing with it.  It’s been a few months since I first brought it up and yes, it seems like the bloat is sticking with me.


When I first started eating better and eliminating processed foods from my diet, I didn’t really suffer from bloat anymore.  My PMS even toned down a notch.

Now that I’m in a routine and my body has adjusted to my new lifestyle, the bloat has come back.  You wouldn’t think it would but yeah, it’s here.

I’ve got two kinds of bloat: PMS and Wine-induced.

When it’s PMS related, there’s not much I can do about it.  I already don’t take in a lot of salt and my water intake is high, but still the bloaty bellah is there.

I’ve also noticed that I will be bloated the day following some wine.  My wine amount is limited to two glasses, that’s all I can handle and all I want.  Any more and I’ll feel like crap the next day.

I’m too old for that shit, ya know?  I’m also over it.  I’m not going to have more wine just because at the risk of feeling like crapola the next day.  It’s not worth it to me!

Wine bloat I can combat with lots more water and simple clean eats.  Which is routine for me anyway.  Since that’s bloat I’m technically bringing on myself, I don’t really complain internally about it.  I’m not going to give up wine and since it’s not like I’m drinking an entire bottle of it, I’ll deal.

PMS bloat is a whole other issue.  I feel like I can’t really combat it at all but just have to suck it up and wait for it to pass.

Let me be clear that this is more about the way I feel than the way I look.

When bloated, I’m about 5 pounds heavier.  Five more pounds really isn’t a big deal. My clothes still fit and my pants are not tight.  I don’t even look any different or at least I don’t think I do.

It’s not external frustration, it’s internal.

Because sometimes I feel like a hot bloated mess. I hate feeling like a hot bloated mess and I want to fight it.  It makes me cranky.  It can on occasion make me want to punch something.

Most times it’s just really frustrating.  I know it’s all a part of being female.  I know it’s all a part of body mechanics and that is shows my hormones are working.  Being in my 30s it’s actually a good thing to know that my hormones are still kicking like normal.

But sometimes guys, kicking it Stay-Puft style for a week or more drives me a little bonkers.

How do you all handle the Stay-Puft style?  Any tips or tricks for handling it like a pro?

5 thoughts on “Stay-Puft

  1. Ugh….I have the same issue. Mine is usually food related – too much fresh fruit (apples especially) or veggies. Drives me nuts!! Water helps.


  2. I struggle with this a lot and actually seem to gain 5-10 (!!!!) lbs during PMS time. (I have PCOS, which might explain it.) It sucks though because I drink tons of water and limit my salt intake. UGH.

    Running sometimes helps de-puff me a little.

  3. I use a combination of herbs to combat bloating/cramps/crankiness, etc. I like Yogi moon cycle tea and Women’s Liberty tea by Traditional Medicinals. I also use a combination of cramp bark, black cohosh, dong quoi, and a few others. All of my symptoms used to be out of control (especially post pill) but now its great and I attribute that to going off bcps and my herbal friends :-)

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