Andrea Works-out: March 29th – April 4th, 2010

Monday, 29th:

I was dead ass tired Monday morning.  Sunday I didn’t get a long run in because it had been raining and then I slept like crap.  I was just so tired and dragging.  I didn’t feel like doing strength, I really wanted to run.  Not running on Sunday sort of threw me off and I really wanted to get out there and do something, even if it was a short run.

I ended up running a shortie 2.5 miles.  It was all I had the energy for and I sweated like a fiend because it was warm out and I over-dressed a bit.

When I came home and plugged in my time over at Daily Mile I saw that I had a pace of 9:30.


I honestly had to get up and check the calendar to double check the time I wrote down, because I could not believe that I ran that pace.

Well shit that’s pretty freaking amazing for me.  That’s the fastest I’ve ever ran or at least been aware of running.

I used to use Daily Mile all the time but then sort of forgot about it.  I’ve gotten so many new friend requests lately that I started using it again.  Good thing or I would have never known about that pace!

Tuesday, 30th:

Cue another super tired morning.  We were out late with friends on Monday and I didn’t sleep well again.  This is like the fourth day in a row where sleep was lacking it was starting to make me a bit cranky pants.  I still got up and ran though because that is what hardcore runners do, right? ;)

I busted out 4.5 miles and was happy with that considering my bod was wiped out.

When I plugged in my time I saw that I ran another sub 10min mile.

Crikey!  I’m on a roll!

Perhaps being tired and also not eating something before hand is the key?  Usually I eat a small handful of crackers before my runs.  Monday and Tuesday, I was too tired and not empty feeling in my tum, so I headed out without eating.

Maybe sleep is overrated?

Totally kidding!

Wednesday, 31st:

I did two levels of Shred.  I wanted to work some weights with a bit of cardio so Shred was calling my name-o.  Levels 2 and 3 done and done.

Thursday, April 1st:

Big workout day!  I cranked out 8 miles but no sub 10min mile pace.  My pace was just over 10 min at 10:15 which isn’t bad at all for a longer run for me.  I’m quite pleased with that!

Conditioning that night at Muay Thai was rough, hard, and totally what I wanted.  It kicked my butt and it was glorious.

Friday, 2nd:

Rest day! Scott had Friday off and it was nice to just sort of hang out with him.  Once he finally woke up of course. :D

Saturday, 3rd:

Normally we would have had Muay Thai but because we had so many things that needed done, we ended up staying home.  I did some Trouble Zones and loved it! I might get another one of her DVDs because the two I have I really enjoy.

Trouble Zones has limited cardio, just a few moves for a warm up and they are light moves.  The rest of the DVD is all strength moves.  It starts off with weights and then you end with some mat work using your own body weight.  Love! Those kind of moves are my favorite.

Sunday, 4th:

Long run! Oh my word it was fantastic.  It is literally amazing how much I need these long runs.  They balance me out and make me feel “right” again.  I didn’t get a long run last week and the rest of the week I felt off balance.

Today all is right with my world because I was able to log in some distance.  I think that’s when you know that you are a distance runner, when you need that long run.  It’s also part of why I add in a longish run mid-week.  I just need some extra distance to help center me.

Pace was a bit slower today, clocking in at an 11 min mile but I’m not stressing over it.  I just ran 11 miles and that is the important part.

I’m also over pace complainers.  The people that can get really negative over the pace of their run, silly.  Look for a post about that soon!

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