Andrea Works-out: April 19th-25th, 2010

I didn’t get a chance this week to write down my workouts so I’m just going to do a quick overview and focus on my long run this week! :D

Monday I took as an extended rest day as I was just feeling really tired and took that as a chance to sleep in a bit.  Tuesday I ran a really lovely 6 miles and Wednesday I did No More Trouble Zones for a strength workout.  Thursday I was hoping to get in 8 miles but it wasn’t happening.  The universe just didn’t want me to have 8 miles that day so I did 6 and decided to be happy with that.

Scott and I have decided to drop down to doing Muay Thai twice a week instead of three.  We have so many things that need done around the house that we’ve been putting off for years because we would rather train than replace tile or do yard work, ya know.  It’s caught up with us and now it’s time to get serious about redoing this house and updating it.  No more MT on Saturdays for a while now.  Boo  I did 2 levels of Shred (2&3) on Saturday morning.

Today, Sunday, the 25th was my last long run before the half next weekend.  I was really hoping to have been up to 13 miles already by this point but when I’m at the mercy of the weather, you learn to work with what you get.  I have a solid 11 miles under my belt and I’m happy with that.

I learned my lesson and patiently waited to run this morning until after I went to the bathroom.  Amazing how much nicer a run is when you aren’t worrying about having an accident!

It was humid this morning and I overdressed a little wearing a long sleeved running shirt and long running pants.  I was hot but there was a constant breeze so it wasn’t too bad.  My pace was strong and I was able to bust this run out making it my quickest 11 miles to date!  I completed the run in 1:57 which is my first 11 mile run under 2 hours!

It’s also my first long distance run at a sub 11 min/mile pace!

I felt every bit of that too because I was tired when I was done.  Whew!  I was feeling a bit empty so I had two large glasses of chocolate soymilk when I got back after my run.  Then I stretched it out and foam rolled.

Whenever I do longer distances, I definitely make sure I foam roll my IT bands out because I don’t want them getting tight on me.  Been there and it is not fun to have a tight IT band.  Foam rollers are a runners best friend.  For realz!

I’m still sort of stoked over today’s run!  I love discovering new things that my body can do because it amazes me all the time.

This week coming up will be a light one in order to get ready for the race.  I’ve picked up my packet and our timing chips are on our bib!  Oooo fancy!

5 thoughts on “Andrea Works-out: April 19th-25th, 2010

  1. We had the timing chips on our bibs for our 1st 5k. It was awesome! I like it that way so much more.

    And I 100% agree about foam rollers. Love them. I can’t even imagine how much I’ll love the foam roller after I start running longer distances.

  2. I want to try using a foam roller SO BAD! I have heard so many great things about them.

    Great run! It was super humid here yesterday too. Ugh. Summer is coming… ;)

  3. Good luck on the half next weekend! You will love it, and I bet you will be surprised at how great your time will be!
    I learned a running and dressing trick that you are supposed to dress 20 degrees warmer than it is for your runs (maybe I even read it on your blog?) and it has never failed me.

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