Tuesday Tip: Trying different pizza sauces

One of the best things about pizza is that it is a vehicle for whatever you decide to do to it.  It can carry whatever toppings you want and it can also have whatever sauce you want.

Trying out different base sauces for pizza can be a very rewarding experience! And while something might not turn our perfect, the chances of it still tasting mighty fine are high.

While I do love old school style with straight up pizza sauce, I also enjoy testing out new sauces as well!  Pesto works really great as a pizza base and it’s something that can easily be made at home with honestly, whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Heating up some olive oil with a few cloves of cracked garlic, then brushing that on top of the dough can be used as a base to great pizza.  Simple and very easy! Plus it helps keep the pizza really light and airy.

Did you make pasta and have some leftover sauce?  Use that as a base! It doesn’t even have to be a tomato sauce, maybe you have some creamy cheese sauce leftover?  Maybe you have leftover BBQ sauce from a recent cookout?  Or perhaps a leftover dressing from a salad?  Try it!  Who knows, you just might discover the next best thing!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Trying different pizza sauces

  1. Love it! We’re trying to keep Pizza Night Thursdays fresh by making semi-homemade pizza (I still haven’t tried making my own dough). Changing up the base is a great way to do so. I’ll have to try the salad dressing idea!

  2. I love it! I forget to think outside the box when it comes to pizza, but just remembered my ALL time fav pizza is Mexican Pizza. It’s pizza dough, with refried beans as the “sauce” topped with meat or chicken if you choose, pile of lettuce, salsa, cheese and topped with sour cream. I think the veggies are thrown on top after the pizza has cooked. But holy yum! I have always wanted to make a chicken pizza with bbq sauce. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Do you have a good red sauce recipe? I have wanted to try the pesto thing too, but we never have fresh basil!

    When I lived in Rome I LOVED pizza bianca – just oil and garlic! :)

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