McConnell Heart Health Center: Healthy Escapes Weekend

Last week, Scott and I were invited to take a tour of the McConnell Heart Health Center (MHHC) that is located right off of Olentangy River Road.  At first I was a little confused by the invitation because it mentioned something about a weekend getaway and I wasn’t quite sure how that would work.  I looked at the website and decided that I would like to go on the tour since I didn’t know anything about the place.  What better way to learn than taking a tour, right?

Scott and I arrived at the center just before 4pm and we met with Michael Marcus who is the director of sales, Heather, also part of that team, and Brian who is a trainer at MHHC.  We waited around for a few other local healthy living bloggers to arrive and then we were off on the tour.  I have to say that I’m extremely glad that I went because I learned so many things about the center!

My original thought was that it was a rehab and monitoring center for those that have had heart problems in the past.  And while the center does do that, it also has other features that are open to the public.  For example, there is a full gym located inside the center that is open to the public for memberships.  Did you know this?  I didn’t know this!

The gym is a full-featured gym with exercise equipment and an indoor track.  The gym also has three pools; a lap pool, an exercise pool, and a therapy pool.  All of them are heated.

There are personal trainers who work the gym area and can offer advice on workouts or even help you with a machine if you have some questions about it.  Each member is given a program ID card if they want it.  The card can be inserted into the machines and then your session will pop up on a screen telling you how much weight and reps you should be doing currently.  It tracks and records your progress as well.  This is the first I’ve seen of such a thing on weight machines.

There are stretching areas, a basketball court, and a physical therapy room.  There are also rooms for yoga and pilates specifically.  Spinning, step, and other group classes are also available.  They are located another level down in a very quiet and peaceful section of the gym.  Sports medicine and acupuncture are also available here!

Locker rooms have showers, saunas, and steam rooms.  Daycare is available for gym members.

The building has meeting rooms that are available for reservation for business or group functions.  Gym services can also be worked into the meeting reservation.  Catering is also available!

The MHHC has its very own Heart Healthy Cafe that serves hot lunches everyday and hot breakfast on Sundays.  I was also told that the cafe is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

The newest addition that MHHC has going on is its brand new getaway lodges, Big Red’s Lodges!  Now you might be thinking, “Andrea what? A getaway lodge at a Heart Health Center?”  And I’m here to tell you, yes it’s true!

Just a short walk from the center itself, nestled on 30 acres of wooded land are the newest additions to MHHC, 4 new lodges, each lodge housing two units.  The lodges have patios and access to walking trails as well.

Each room is like having your very own posh suite.  There’s a living room with a fireplace and cozy couch.  Also there is a small wet bar with sink, small fridge, microwave, and coffee pot.  There’s a very large bathroom and bedroom located right off of the living room.  Each unit has free WiFi, satellite TV and a landline if needed.  Riverside Security makes routine rounds and each unit has an emergency call button.

The Heart Center has created Healthy Escape Weekends.  You can make reservations to stay at the lodge for either one night or two nights.  A stay includes:

  • A night in the Lodge
  • Full and complete access to the Heart Health Center
  • Customized Personal Training
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Optional Heart Healthy dinner at Fish Market (optional)

Your stay length will determine how many hours of personal training you can receive.  But I was assured that they are open and willing to discuss that with you to make sure that you get everything you need out of your stay.

The link above discusses a possible romantic getaway which would be great for a couple looking to maybe start exercising more or possibly reevaluating their current program to see how it can be bumped up to a more challenging level.

But don’t think this is just limited to couples!  A girls weekend would be great!  Or even the traveling business person who’s looking for a quiet place to stay with access to a complete gym and easy access to the highway.  There are many reasons one would be able to stay at the Lodge!  The prices are extremely reasonable and they include both people!    The price listed is not per person.

With the personalized training, they can help you take a closer look at what your goals and your wants are, then help you achieve those.  This goes for any and all athletes!  They can help you improve your golf swing or your running gait.  They can help you with basics or more advanced issues.  Whatever you need they will be able to assist you and help you improve your condition.

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing mini-escape? And you don’t even have to travel that far, it is located right in Columbus!

Would you like to try it out?

Well you are in luck because OHC is currently in possession of TWO One-Night Stays at Big Red’s Lodges!  And we’re having a contest so you can try them out!

Contest Rules:

  1. Leave a comment with your thoughts about MHHC newest addition.
  2. Provide a valid email address so I am able to contact you if you win.

Also note that you will have to provide me with a valid mailing address if you win so I can mail you the voucher.

The contest will close on Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 12pm EST.  I will announce the winners that day as well!

Hooray!  What a great opportunity to get feedback and guidance from professionals who only want to see you succeed with your fitness goals!

Contacts and Information:

McConnell Heart Health Center

3773 Olentangy River Road

Columbus, OH 43214

Michael Marcus, Director of Sales at MHHC (Info can be found at link)

Yvonne Rayburn, Webbed Marketing, @yrayburn

Healthy Escapes Weekend at Big Red’s Lodges

McConnell Heart Health Center

Ohio Health Twitter

Ohio Health Facebook


Alright, I had to do some figuring of numbers since I commented and there were double comments.  Random Number generator picked the winners and they are:

EmZeeGee AND Marie!!!

Congrats Ladies! I will be in contact soon!

11 thoughts on “McConnell Heart Health Center: Healthy Escapes Weekend

  1. EmZeeGee (Emily) says:

    That is really interesting! Like you, I had no idea there was a gym there open to non-patients, let alone lodges and couples’ retreat packages.

  2. awww the contest is only for locals??? i mean i would totally take a trip for a weekend retreat like that. if it is open to out-of-staters that i want to enter :)

    i think this kind of option is awesome for a health-focused getaway. on my life to-do list i have health-retreat at the top!!!!

    i have seen things like this before, like the canyon ranch in lenox, MA, but they are super expensive. i mean, obvi worth it. it is something i would save for. i would love to spend an entire weekend in a lodge like this, sort of finding a balance and investing in myself.

    email addy:

  3. oh i also wanted to say i would like to take my boyfriend on this trip. he keeps saying he wants to get back into a healthy routine but he has fallen far from it because of long work hours and getting out of the habit of exercising. i think this would benefit him way more than me, but i would like to share it with him.

  4. What a cool idea! I have never heard of anything like this. But it sounds like a great idea. Something to ease people into the idea of living a healthier life style, but at a comfortable pace. I would definitely drive to Columbus for this, especially if it would mean I get to meet you too :)

    (is email in the form good enough?)

  5. If I had still lived in Grandview, MHHC would have been my choice for a gym, as a friend of mine used to belong there. But I know that I need a gym close by. And so Lifetime was a better fit.

    Other than that, I would love to win this, obviously!!

  6. I was there for a meeting once and it is a fabulous facility. The lodges are a perfect idea for the woods behid the building! I would LOVE to have the opportunity to stay there and work out in the facility.

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