Andrea Works-out: March 22nd – 28th, 2010

Monday, 22nd:

Monday came at me so quickly!  I got up and got busy with Jillian and Trouble Zones.  It was pouring rain outside and I was thankful Mondays are not run days for me!

I am seriously enjoying this new DVD.  It is perfect for the day after my long run.  I’m doing strength moves but it’s nothing too intense which is exactly what I’m looking for.  I don’t need a rest day after Sunday but I’m also not looking for a hardcore workout.  My body wouldn’t be able to handle that.  No trouble zones is perfect!

Tuesday, 23rd:

Alright so on Tuesdays, I like to get in about a medium sized run.  Five to six miles is what I’m looking for and today that was not happening.  It was raining, cold, AND windy.

Hello, I am not running in that.

I was so bummed out about it too! I wanted to run and look forward to my run days.  I looked at my Twitter feed to see everyone talking about their morning workouts and getting their runs done which made me even more bummed.  I took another quick look outside to see it still raining and windy and decided I am alright staying inside.

Today was a lesson in The Big Picture.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the everyday exercise that I forget it is not about what happens everyday but what I do over time.  While not running today was a bummer and made me cranky, the bigger picture is that I do exercise a lot and missing a run here and there is not the end of the world.

Plus I still had Muay Thai on the schedule!  That is a workout!  I am not considering today a rest day since I did work out because I had class.

Wednesday, 24th:

I made up for the run I missed on Tuesday and did 5 miles.  I wanted to do a bit more but I had a business meeting conference call on the schedule.  It was so warm out Wednesday morning that I was a little hot during my run.  If I didn’t have Amazon Woman legs (currently growing out so I can get defuzzed for Spring/Summer!  Whooo!), I would have worn capris, it was that warm.  In fact it was so warm I didn’t even need a hat but just an ear warmer.  Score!

The business call got pushed back so I was a little cranky that I didn’t get a longer run in.  Insert The Bigger Picture mentality again here.

Thursday, 25th:

It was a little colder out and felt like ran.  I busted out 6 miles and called it good.  I wanted to do 8 but my business meeting got pushed to Thursday morning and I knew I wouldn’t have time to get 8 done.  I had to be happy with 6 and I tried to be!

It wasn’t long after I got home that it started raining and continued to rain all day long.  It was  a miserable day for sure!  We missed MT conditioning class because we had other stuff to get done around home.

Friday, 26th:

Rest day! And thank goodness because it snowed over night. :O We got like 5 inches of snow! All that rain froze and then there was snow on top of that.  Lovely.

Thankfully while cold, it was sunny all day so the snow melted.

Saturday, 27th:

No MT this morning because Scott needed a day for taxes and I needed a day to get some work stuffs done.  I did two levels of Shred instead and called it a good day.  I used the 10lb weights on a few moves and was really pleased with myself. RAWR! I felt like a rockstar for those moves.  YaY!

For whatever it seems like forever since I’ve done Shred so it seemed a bit more challenging today. I definitely got my sweat going!

Sunday, 28th:

You all know I normally do my long runs solitary but Kim was cranking out 16 miles and needed a buddy.  I can’t leave another runner hanging like that! We decided to meet up and I would run 11 of those miles with her.

However Mother Nature had other plans and when I got up to start getting ready it was pouring rain.  I mean like windy monsoon rain.  I texted Kim and told her that I couldn’t run in that.  Last time we chatted she was still going to try.  She is a rockstar!

I will tell you right now that I’m cranky and bummed out as hell about not being able to run.  I so look forward to my long run days and to have that accomplishment under my belt for the day.  When I don’t get anything it really does a number on my mood.  I try really hard to not let it get to me but it does and I’m admitting that.

The Big Picture:

Could this week have been anymore of a lesson in The Big Picture?  Good lord.  Missed runs and missed martial arts class because of something or another.  It makes me with the crazy!  I am trying to keep in my mind what I stated above that The Big Picture is what matters and the days we just have to take as they come.  Oh but sometimes it is difficult!

3 thoughts on “Andrea Works-out: March 22nd – 28th, 2010

  1. Boo to all of that rain!

    LOL to Amazon woman legs. I’m right there with you. haha. Although it’s really warming up over here so I should break out the capris sooner than later.

    I cannot believe it’s snowing still! Crazy Ohio!!!

    Andy and I are thinking of using higher weights for the shred. Right now I use 5lbs. I was thinking of trying 8lbs for some of the moves. (Definitely not all!!! it’s an intense workout.)

  2. You got snow? YUCK!

    Way to go with the 10 lb. dumbbells. Whoa!

    I need to work on the “Bigger Picture” too. I get so angry at myself if I want to take a rest day… but why?! I need it! And I DON’T need to work out every single day!

  3. I am sorry that we didn’t get to run together last Sunday! It was nasty out!! IF I could have squeezed those 16 miles in someplace else this week, I totally would have.


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