Andrea Works-out: March 1st-7th, 2010

Guys I have been so slacking in the recording work-outs department!  I need to write the summary right after I workout and sometimes I don’t get a chance to.  Either I’m working on something else or I’m in the kitchen developing recipes.

Rest assured I am working out everyday! I typically update my twitter account right after I workout so you can always follow that as well.

Some martial arts classes were missed this week because Scott was sick for a few days.  He’s better now thank goodness!

I will tell you about my long run today because it was amazing and frustratingly challenging all at the same time!

I got to bed early Saturday night, 10:30pm, which is my goal for the night before a long run.  Friday night I was in bed before 10pm. Why yes, I am a party animal.  Anyway, despite getting to bed early, I was so tired when I got up this morning.  I felt like I didn’t sleep at all!  Not that I was tossing and turning but more like, I felt as if I didn’t get enough sleep.  I was dragging.

I also felt like I didn’t eat enough yesterday to prepare for this morning’s long run.  I’m also out of oat bars so I was searching around for a quick snack before hitting the road this morning.  I ended up eating a small handful of Kashi sesame crackers.

I started my run and it was surprisingly cold this morning.  It was sunny though and that was so nice!  Oh but my legs were so tired in the beginning.  They felt really heavy and like I was plodding along.

I originally was going to just run 9 miles but last week during my 9, I felt really awesome and totally like I could go that extra mile and hit 10.  I had in the back of my mind today that 10 was a possibility.

Once I got to 5.5 miles I was wondering how much farther I was going to be able to go.  That’s when the negative defeatist thoughts started creeping in.

“Oh man, I still have another 5 miles to go!”

“I dunno if 10 is going to happen today.”

“Can I seriously make this loop three more times?”

And then I just started chanting to myself, “Two more times, two more times.”  And then, “One more time, one more time.”

I flip-flopped all the way till the last minute and I finally said to myself, “What better way to kick off birthday week (holla!) then getting in your first double digit run?”

And so I did!  10 miles in the bag! :woohoo:

It was slow but I don’t even really care about pace.  I did 10 miles with no problem and I’m seriously happy with that.  My legs are doing well and no ill side effects.  I will be able to stay at ten for a bit then ease up to 13 and be totally ready for my half in May.

I’m feeling really confident about my upcoming races and I’m really happy with my training so far!

Two things I know for sure, training for this race on my own terms was a huge factor in getting me to where I am injury free.  Incorporating strength training has ensured that my legs are strong and ready to take on the distances with ease.

10 miles, baby! Woo!

Are you a distance runner? How do you handle the increased mileage, do you have to take it slow or can you increase your miles with ease?

4 thoughts on “Andrea Works-out: March 1st-7th, 2010

  1. Happy to hear Scott is feeling better!

    I have write my recaps right after I exercise or they won’t get done as well ;)

    Happy early birthday!

    Mad props to you for getting that 10-miler in when not feeling your best. I have been super tired this weekend too. I wonder what it is! I bet it will be even worse when we have to set our clocks forward ;)

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