Andrea Works-out: March 15th-21st, 2010

Monday, March 15th:

So I had every intention of running this morning after I slept in a bit, however that was not to be.  Mother Nature again had other plans.  I really wish she would start coordinating things with me.  Today was super windy and damp cold.  I am not running in that.  I am over the wind.  I couldn’t do strength because I just did that on Sunday (the 14th).  This left me with an impromptu rest day.  I was a bit cranky about it this morning as well.  I would have been perfectly happy having this weather on Friday.  Friday I don’t have anything to do and it’s already a scheduled rest day.  But noooo Mother Nature has to work alone without consulting anyone.

I could have done some yoga but I really didn’t feel like it.  There’s not a whole lot more I can say about that.

I was going to take Rocky for a long walk but it was still windy at lunchtime.  Meh.  So we went on a regular walk around the ‘hood.

DLS started Sunday morning and the downside to DSL (beside having to enduring everyone complaining about it like it’s some sort of catastrophe) is that now it isn’t light again until 7:30am.  This only lasts a few weeks but man it can be a bummer.  Looking forward to light at 6:30am again!

My arms and hamstrings are a bit tight and sore today from Sunday’s new DVD sesh.  Hooray!  Being sore means I worked it and my muscles worked it. :D

Tuesday, March 16th:

I was a bit nervous about a run today because I thought that perhaps it might start raining again.  Monday night the winds has picked up something crazy and it was sort of misting/sprinkling when we left stick-fighting class that night.  However I woke up to what looked like would be clear skies once the sun was up.  Hooray!

I sort of just ran around and explored some new parts of my ‘hood.  I was cruising along doing my thing and then ran into some construction guys *grumble* which meant I would not be able to make that loop again.  I took that as a sign to branch out a bit more.  I ended up running just shy of six miles which is a good run!  It was slow going because I was dealing with a side stitch a few times and since I was exploring new territory I needed to look around and gather my bearings.

In all honesty I don’t care for the new area all that much but it does provide extra space when needed.  I’m pretty sure the trail by my house might be clear of snow at this point but I don’t really want to run that early in the morning by myself on an isolated trail.  Sunday mornings are different because there are other people out and about.  I don’t think there would be too many there on a weekday morning.

Despite my slowish pace the run was great this morning and it was lovely to be able to get back outside and moving!

Wednesday, March 17th:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Do you celebrate?  We celebrate slightly.  Scott is half Irish and I think there is some Irish in my bloodline.  Well now, I know that for sure given my maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Kelly.  That’s pretty typical Irish.  My mom’s side of the family is pretty hodge-podge while my dad’s is straight up off the boat Polish.  That’s the side I identify with more.

Um, but since you aren’t here for OHC Family Genealogy time, I’ll get to the workout. ;)

Plans for today were to include hitting up a local museum with FF.  Since she was going to come over at 10:30 that would not give me enough time for a run this morning since daylight isn’t until 7:30am now.  Therefore I got up early and did two levels of shred instead (2 and 3).  I upped my weights on a few of the workouts to 10lb dumbbells.  Some of the moves I still have to stick with 5lbs.  I have to say using the 10lbs makes me feel like a rockstar!  RAWR!  But also hard, damn!  FF and I ended up not making the museum trip since it was St. Patrick’s Day and downtown would have been crazy.

We did a lot of clenching in Muay Thai Tuesday night so my chest, shoulders, and neck are sore and tight today.  I’m considering taking some ibuprofen and applying some Thai oil (think Tiger balm but better) to the areas.

I don’t really post about my martial arts training too much.  Is this something I should talk about more?  Would you guys be interested in that?

Thursday, March 18th:

Kicked off the day with 8 miles!  Hell yeah!  And I felt awesome!  It was a gorgeous spring morning and I felt like I could have run forever.  Glorious!

Later, Scott and I kicked it hard at MT conditioning class.  Whooo!

Friday, March 19th:

Rest day, rest day!  Other than changing out of my jammies once to take Rocky for a walk, I was in my jammies all day long.  It was fantastic and the evening ended with some homemade sushi.  Best day!

Saturday, March 20th:

Muay Thai day! Partner drills with a new guy today. Sometimes it’s funny working with a new person because some are afraid to hit me. :p  I promised the guy it was alright to kick me but he was still a little hesitant. I can take it! :D

Sunday, March 21st:

Long run! I’m working on figuring out some new routes (still)so that I’m not making 50 loops around my ‘hood to get some distance in.  It’s a little rough at the moment as I figure things out but for the most part I’m finding new areas to run and I’m not feeling like hamster on a wheel.  Today was supposed to be a 10 mile day but um, since I explored and went into new areas, it turned out a bit longer.

Like 10.7 miles.  Whoops!  It was a long run and I was tired by the end but I busted it out and am feeling pretty pleased with myself. :D  I am so ready to rock out my upcoming 1/2! Kick ass!

7 thoughts on “Andrea Works-out: March 15th-21st, 2010

    • TG, done!

      FF, Yes I have but it’s a little too “website on ‘roids” for me. It’s got so much going on with ads and stuff it makes me a little wonky in the head. :p

  1. Fining a good route for the long run is super helpful and makes me actually want to get out there no matter the weather. You are indeed going to rock your half…now I have to go check out this spinach dip you posted

  2. I would like to know more about your martial arts training.

    I am sad that it is dark in the mornings again. I was liking it… while it lasted!

    I get so sick of running loops in my neighborhood too. I am happy the weather is finally getting nice and I can go to some of the parks!

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