Tuesday Tip: Repurposing Valentine’s Decorations

Despite the fact that I can’t stand Valentine’s Day and would rather celebrate Zombies instead, if you think I’ll pass up all the cutesy decorations you are totally wrong.  That stuff goes on sale fast and you can get it for el cheapo!  Stores treat Valentine’s decorations much like Halloween decorations, once the day is over they are worthless and marked down like crazy.  That’s when I make my move and snatch that stuff up like Britney at a drive-through.

Valentine’s Day decorations and whatnot don’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day.  I promise, it’s totally true!  I use this stuff all the time for our birthday celebrations and our anniversary.  I have nice red wrapping paper with hearts all over it that I use to wrap up Scott’s birthday presents.

For nice date night dinners I pull out the candle holders and heart plates.  Use the heart champagne glasses and maybe pull out the heart mugs for the next day’s coffee.

I also take some of this stuff with us when we go stay in cabins.  It’s a romantic getaway so why not take that extra step and make it super special?

My point being, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Valentine’s Day stuff can only be used for that silly holiday in February.  Branch out and use it for your next date night at home!  Or for your anniversary dinner!  It’s cute and it’s fun; might as well get the most out of it that you can!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Repurposing Valentine’s Decorations

  1. you know, that’s why i use “snowman” themed holiday stuff…I figure you can use snowman themed stuff as long as it is theoretically possible to have snow. Sooo, snowmen come out in November and last til the beginning of March. :)

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