Andrea Works-out: February 22nd-28th,2010

Monday, 22nd:

Meh.  I didn’t sleep all that well and when I actually got up I was still very tired.  Like my body was tired and I took that as a sign that I needed to rest it.  I did exactly that and let it “rest” all day long.  I worked on a lot of blog things, office things, and things around the house.  I was productive all day long and that felt awesome!  I love being productive! :D

Tuesday, 23rd:

Got my butt up and was out the door by 7am for a six mile run.  It was only slightly cool out but it was snow-raining which was sort of crappy.  I have no idea what the deal was today but cars did not want to move out of the way.  *grumble*  Most of them barely scooted over and they were so close to me I could have easily reached out and touched the door.  This was when only one car was on the road!  If there are two cars about to pass each other, I’ll shift and move up to the sidewalk so that I’m outta the way.  Two cars and me on the road makes me nervous.  Even though cars should move, sometimes they do not.  Like today.  And I’m not taking any chances.

I’ve also found that early in the morning people pay less attention.  They are just waking up still when they are heading out to where ever.  They are drinking coffee, fiddling with the radio, chatting on their cell phones, and talking to their kids.  Doing all of that while not paying attention to what is actually in the road.  Nice.

Plus we still have decent snow on the road plowed up into the corners and intersections making space even more tight.  And just to bitch some more, there is more new construction going on in the neighborhood behind mine.  These houses are builders are a little too close to my running path for my comfort level, so I am definitely going to have to start exploring other options.  I have no desire to have a “encounter” with some construction guys.

Wednesday, 24th:

Despite the fact that it’s still “winter”, spring is in the air because it’s starting to get lighter out earlier and stay lighter later.  This makes me extremely pleased because I can get out for my runs sooner!  Currently I am out the door as soon as it’s light which means my wake-up time is earlier.  I’m doing well with it because I actually don’t mind waking up early as long as I get enough sleep.  Otherwise I’m dragging but I will still do it!

I started off thinking that I would get in 6 miles or at least I was hoping so.  As I was running the construction guys showed up which cut into my run time since I didn’t want to loop back.  Since I was going to lift after running, I was cool with cutting my run short at 4 miles.  Good thing too because by the time I got home, I needed to be home, if you get my meaning.  Thank goodness I run close to home!

I lifted and mixed and matched some moves on my own with some moves from Gina’s Shape-Up.  Running then lifting is awesome!

Thursday, 25th:

In my head I would like Thursdays to be another “long” run day.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  I was really hoping to run 8 miles this morning but mother nature had other plans.  It was snowing and blowing like crazy.  The wind wasn’t too harsh but it was annoying.  It was a really heavy snowfall and the snow kept blowing in my eyes making it hard to see.  Great visibility is kinda important when you’re running on the road full of morning commuters who don’t pay attention to what they’re doing.  Sadly I didn’t make 8 miles and headed home at 5.  I did however, not have any construction guy encounters because they weren’t out.  Whooo!

Conditioning class later in the evening rounded out my Thursday workout sesh.

Friday, 26th:

Rest day! Rest day! I even got to sleep in till after 8am. Heaven!

Saturday, 27th:

We actually got a good bit of snow over night covering the roads and making a mess of things.  We stayed home instead of hitting up MT.  I did two levels of shred and then some extra weight moves.  Plus some extra leg stuff including stuff for my hamstrings.  I have to say that is the one area that shred is lacking, they don’t do any moves for the hammies!

Sunday, 28th:

I ran 9 miles for my long run! Whooo!  Nice way to end February. :D  My first 9 miles since last year!  I didn’t have any pain, I didn’t get tired, and I knocked that baby out in 1.5 hours.  That is awesome!  I am really proud of that. Most of the snow that we got Saturday was melted off the roads and sidewalks so snow was not too much of an obstacle today.

There was a good bit of people out this morning which was surprising.  I think people are tired of being stuck indoors and are itching to get out.  They can always run in the snow with me! ;)

3 thoughts on “Andrea Works-out: February 22nd-28th,2010

  1. Awesome week of running! (despite the awful drivers). I have been so excited it is getting lighter earlier and staying lighter too. Spring is almost here… please, spring, please!

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