Tuesday Tip: Winter Running Tips Part II

Winter Running Tips Part II!  Brought to you by badass Kim from Ilax Studio! :D  Her and her hubs kick-it outside even in the winter and they face some harsh conditions where they live.  I asked her to provide some tips and her list is pretty kick ass!  I’ve put in italics ones I particularly like and want to discuss further. :D

Kim Says:

  • Dress in layers so you can shed if necessary
  • Wear wicking material – you are still going to sweat
  • Ski socks work really well for keeping toes AND legs warm
  • You may need to wear sunglasses because of reflective snow
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! The sun is more powerful when reflecting off of snow than water – it’s still gonna burn you.
  • Don’t leave your gels/water out where they can freeze.
  • Make sure to shake your arms out (and wiggle those finders) every 5-10 minutes
  • Bring Kleenex for blowing your nose
  • Stay close to home
  • Know your limits (a good tip always, but don’t push yourself in the cold) – if it is too cold, get back in the house
  • Don’t forget to drink water, even though it’s cold
  • Don’t run at night – run where you can watch for ice, during the day
  • Don’t run if you have a fever
  • Only wear one headphone (always) when running outside
  • Cover your face when it’s windy (like with an Under Armour Hood)
  • Dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it is
  • Tell someone where you are running and when you expect to be back
  • Bring your phone!
  • Don’t lose your keys in the snow – tie them or put them inside a deep pocket, inside pocket, or zipper pocket
  • Always carry an ID when running
  • Watch for cars, they aren’t watching for you
  • Yak Trax when it snows more than 2″ (don’t have them but heard this)
  • Remember – you have to run SLOWER during cold/snowy conditions – this is NORMAL!
  • Have fun jumping in the snow!

Know your limits is a great tip!  There is a difference between pushing yourself too hard in rough conditions and letting the cold break you mentally.  Because running is a total head game and when you’re tired or it’s cold, the negative thoughts can start to creep in and stay there.  Know the difference between your own sabotage and the fact that it’s just plain freaking cold outside.

Dress like ti’s 20 degrees warmer than it is, excellent!  Because you will get warm running even when it is cold outside.  You are working it, expect that there will be some body heat action going on.  This takes practice though so don’t give up on running outside just after two runs out.  It takes several times in different temperatures and different clothes to get an idea of what is cold to YOU and when you need extra layers and when you do not. Also what types of layering works for you and what doesn’t.  There are times when I still over dress and get too hot during a 20degree run.  It is always a learning process!

  • Bring your phone!
  • Don’t lose your keys in the snow – tie them or put them inside a deep pocket, inside pocket, or zipper pocket
  • Always carry an ID when running

I’m calling you out runners! Time and again I’ve seen runners complain about not having a place to put their keys or their phone or their ID or their whatever.  Sister please.  There is no excuse other than laziness on your part for such a complaint. YES I SAID I, and I mean it.  Running clothes have pockets now and even running hats have pockets.  Not only that, but if you are a runner then you should have a shoe pouch. No excuses.  They are inexpensive and completely handy.  Road ID has awesome shoe pouches for an amazing price.  Get your self some gear with pockets, get a shoe pouch, and stop complaining about not having a place to store your gear.  Phone too big for a shoe pouch? Then get an armband.  There are options for you, look into them.  I say this with much love. Promise.

Did you miss Part I?  Check it out here!

Part III and the last in the series next week pretties!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Winter Running Tips Part II

  1. Thank you for the shot-out! I bet there are so many other things that could be added to the list I created. Ha, and I used to be one of those lazy runners who did not want to wear a belt or put stuff in their pockets, but it is SO important! Especially if you are considering running by yourself! When I fell on my knee two weeks ago, I did have my phone with me, and knew my neighbors were home (husband was not) and could call them for help if I needed it. Safety first. Then fun. Ha ha.

  2. The best thing I ever did for myself in cold weather running was perfecting a snot rocket. It’s not attractive or lady like, but on long runs, I can’t carry enough kleenex to handle the amount of snot produced.

    I thank my male HS cross country coaches every long run for teaching me such a valuable skill!

  3. Don’t run at night – run where you can watch for ice, during the day

    Normally I would agree with this, especially if you live in an area with few or no street lights. However, if you live in a well lit area then I think it’s okay to run at night even in the winter. I do it every Monday night!

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