January 9th and 10th, 2010: Cheese

First things first:

Friday evening I had some wine and mint chocolate cookies. :D  Not all of those thanks, but I totally could have because they are super tasty.  Just an FYI, I’m sure you guys know this already but I’m just tossing it out there so we are all on the same page. :D  When I show snacks like this, it is safe to assume that these are treats that I made using whole wheat (or spelt!) flour and low sugar amounts.  No butter but possibly olive oil or yogurt.  If I use eggs, I typically only use egg whites.  If the dessert is something I picked up from Whole Foods or some other place, I will specifically state that so you know. :)

Yesterday Scott and I were out running errands all flipping day long.  By the time we got home and ate “lunch” it was 5pm.  I know, totally crazy.  We had one thing to do and figured while out we might as well get other stuff done that way we would have the rest of the weekend to just hole up and do whatever.  This included running to Sam’s (crazy on Saturday but I scored a two pound container of feta for $5, so I am over it) and then the grocery store for some veggies.

Mama was out of fresh veggies, including salad greens and we just cannot have that around here.  We hit up Kroger and got some sweet deals.  Came home and I promptly stuffed my face because I was two seconds away from eating my arm off.

I made a jam packed smoothie yesterday:

  • 1C Carrot juice
  • 1C Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C Soymilk
  • Spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 3 yogurt cubes
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen blueberries

Look at the straw stuck in the middle!  Spinach will make a large appearance in smoothies this week because the kale didn’t look so hot at the store.  It was soft and a bit wilty so I passed it up.

I also had three rounds?  Bites? Rolls?  Pieces?  Of veggie sushi.  What is the proper term for each individual piece?  Is there one?  This sushi was from Kroger and I’m sure you are surprised to learn it wasn’t all that great. ;)

The thing with eating “lunch” that late in the day is that my body is like, “Oh hey A, that was a great starter. So when are we eating a real meal? Because Bellah says he’s empty and Brain is bitchin’ something fierce over it.  Apparently Bellah keeps sending him angry texts and Brain is a little tired of it. If we could just get something to eat, this conflict could be resolved.”

This starts like an hour after eating lunch.  Seriously.  So after a little down time on the couch, I heated up some leftovers.

Hooray for chili!  With a bit of cheddar on top and some beer bread on the side.  Mmmm!

After eating, I headed to bed and read a bit before crashing out at 10:30.  I am so money on Saturday nights!

Sunday, January 10th:

I woke up early this morning to a dusting of new snow and 9 degree temps.  Oh winter you are kicking my ass this season.  When it’s temps like these, I just play my long run by ear.  I do what I can handle and try not to stress over it too much.  Sometimes I win and sometimes the weather wins.  Today the weather won.  I did five miles and could do no more.  It actually wasn’t the cold that got to me but the snow.  There’s a large section on my run where I’m on the sidewalk and this large section is occupied by a business who doesn’t shovel their walks.  It isn’t required by the city to shovel so lots of people (lazy!) don’t.  This means this section of sidewalk has about 8 inches of snow on it, that kind of stinks to run through.  It really does and I could only handle that loop today once.  Thankfully I did it at the beginning of my run!

I did wear some new tights this morning under my cold-weather running pants.  I got the tights at Sam’s.  They are thin but warm and wick sweat away.  Not that you sweat much in 9 degrees, but still helpful.  Woo!

I showered and refueled while kicking it on the couch with Food TV.  Food TV is getting on my nerves lately.  It’s the new year so it’s loaded down with diet ads and “healthy” episodes of the shows.  Diet ads are ridiculous and the “healthy” episodes aren’t so healthy.  Now they are running Pro-HFCS ads.  Joy.

Speaking of healthy shows, yesterday I caught an episode of Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger (sp? I’m too lazy to look up her name) and she made a crunchy topping for some pancakes.  I could not stop thinking about it!  You know that means pancakes were on the agenda for Sunday Breakfast today.

Spelt pancakes topped with some vanilla Stoneyfield and the crunchy topping.  Topping was a mix of:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Crushed pecans and walnuts
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut

Mixed with some maple syrup to make it sticky and sweet.   Doesn’t that look gorgeous?!

Chicken breakfast sausage and some oranges on the side.  I found some Silk Nog on sale at the store so that went into my coffee this morning.  So yummy!  I might do this kind of topping combo with my pancakes and waffles from now on, it’s extremely tasty and pretty filling.

After we ate, I prepped dinner so that I would just have to heat it up later and then cleaned up the kitchen.  By this point I normally would have started laundry but all I wanted to do was sit on the couch.  Which I did and properly gamed my heart out.  That is about as productive as it got today. :p

Eventually we had to break for dinner and that’s where a new adventure came into play.

Scott has been asking for mac n’ cheese for months now, and today I finally made some spicy mac ‘n cheese.  Totally brand new recipe too!  This weekend has been all about the cheezy goodness! :D  It’s mac ‘n cheese so it’s indulgent but I made it as healthy as I could using whole wheat elbows, olive oil, chicken stock and a bit of soymilk for creaminess.  The cheese is a combo of pepperjack and cheddar.  Recipe soon!

Because I cannot just eat a huge portion of mac ‘n cheese, I had some roasted veggies on the side; brussels sprouts, zucchini, and yellow squash.  Scott likes ham in his mac ‘n cheese but I picked around it and only ate a few pieces.

Now I’m going to finish my day on the couch with a glass of wine and an old movie (I didn’t get to watch one on Friday!).  See you soon pumpkins! :D

2 thoughts on “January 9th and 10th, 2010: Cheese

  1. I know what you mean about the Foodnetwork “diet” episodes. I’m not that impressed myself. Just eat real food people!!!!

    I get a kick out of all of the diet hoopla this time of year. Like the grocery ads are FILLED with slim fast and special K on special for BOGO! Really? Do people actually believe this? So sad. :(

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