2009 at OHC, A Look Back

I went back and forth wondering if I should do a post reviewing the past year because my inital thought was that not much happened around here.  Once I started thinking more about the year I soon realized, “Holy shit, a ton of stuff happened!”

2009 was a really big year for me in terms of health, running, and personal growth.  I know a lot of folks have been talking about how 2009 was crappy and everyone is glad to see it go.  Well my 2009 wasn’t crappy so this isn’t going to be a downer post at all.  Let’s check out what all I did!

In January, I ran my first race ever and it was horrible. :p  I realized that I love racing but will not be doing that particular race again.

February was my man’s birthday and I became a sap and told the world why I loves him.


In March, I reached my goal weight that I set for myself when starting my weightloss journey back in July of 2008.  It was a very nice birthday present to myself!  And for the first time in a long time, I reached a point where I didn’t mind having my picture taken.

April was spent training for an upcoming race and learning how to deal with injuries as a runner.

In May, I ran my first half marathon.  It was my second race ever and the longest I have ever run.  I was nervous as hell but for no reason because the race was awesome.  Unfortunately I strained my right hamstring during the race and was off running for about a month and a half.  However, that time period taught me more about living healthy and maintaining a healthy balance.

In June, Scott and I tested and passed our black belt test in stick fighting.

In July, Scott and I celebrated our anniversary by going back to the park where we got married.  We did a lot that week for our anniversary, like going to the zoo and going hiking.  It was a really great week!

In August, Scott and I got invited down to The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills to check it out and give it a review.

In September and October, I started training for another half and my hamstring started acting up on me, so sadly I had to pull out of it.  However, this made me realize that I have to increase mileage on my own schedule and that most training plans increase mileage too aggressively for me.  I decided at that point, I would focus on the half coming up in May ’10 and increase my mileage on my own.

In November, I took my first big girl trip and headed to San Fransisco for The Foodbuzz Festival.  I met many blog friends, made new connections, and realized that flying, while not the best thing ever, isn’t so bad.  And that I can do it on my own as long as Scott is a phone call away. ;)

December was just a fantastic month of catching up with friends, love, and happiness.  Throughout the year I also got more involved in my community and met many fantastic people who are now friends.  Scott and I have been exploring restaurants more and seeing what Columbus has to offer.

In terms of health and wellness, I have become more in-tune with my body and what it needs, wants, and requires to function properly.  Scott and I have totally eliminated HFCS from our diets, processed foods are down to a super low minimum (not totally nonexistent since crackers, soups, and things are technically processed items), and real whole food has increased a great deal.  I discovered a love for vegan baking and our meat intake has been greatly reduced.  I am learning more about a raw diet and what that involves since I love me some raw foods for lunch.

Back in March when I reached my goal weight, I entered maintenance mode.  My diet changed as I really started listening to my body more and become more aware of its needs.  My eating became even more clean.  Even though I thought I was at a happy weight, my body said, “Nope.” and I continued to lose weight at a slow and easy pace.

I actually lost 20 more pounds bringing my weightloss total up to 60lbs lost.  That’s right folks, I not only talk the talk, but I walk the walk!   I have been this weight and in maintenance mode since June of this year.  I lost the weight by exercising and clean eating.  You, my pretty readers, have watched this journey because you’ve seen my exercise reports and you have seen what I’ve been eating.  You’ve been there as my diet has transitioned into one that works for me and my body.  You’ve seen me stuff my face with fabbo food, enjoy wine, and also enjoy chocolates without sacrificing anything. Eating and living healthy isn’t about giving up foods and having to endure tasteless meals in the name of being “healthy”.  It’s about living life with a healthy balance.

2009 was a really great year for me, so I have very high expectations for 2010.  Let’s get moving 2010 and kick some booty this year!

16 thoughts on “2009 at OHC, A Look Back

  1. You had such a remarkable year. It really looks as though you have learned so much about yourself and gained so many fundamental insights into living a balanced, healthy and incredibly happy life.

    I am so happy that we had the chance of getting to know each other this year and I really look forward to developing our connection even more with the upcoming new year.

    Thank you for always being a supporting and loving friend in my life.

    Happy New Year Andrea!

  2. Love this post! Isn’t it great to take a look back and remember all of the things you’ve accomplished? It’s so easy to forget sometimes.

    Congrats on all of your achievements this year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for OHC in 2010!

  3. Hell yeah you walk the walk!

    I’m disappointed that your chocolate zucchini bread didn’t make the cut for this year-in-review post. That bread is seriously heaven in a loaf of chocolate. Hehe.

    • Thanks Brenda!
      CBers, Thanks girl! And ugh that race, lordy!
      Sagan, that’s a great point! I didn’t even think about recipe recaps!!
      Thanks Jenny! And yes, looking back you tend to get a new perspective on how you spent your time. :)
      Thanks Heather!
      Happy 2010 Lynn!
      Thanks Kilax! I pretty much love 2009. :D
      Ditto, Mama Pea, ditto!
      Whitney, I love your blog! You are so honest and upfront, I love it.
      Lauren, I feel the same way. Thank goodness we found each other’s blogs!

  4. Congratulations! You should be SO very proud! I have 60 to lose as well and would LOVE any tips. How long did it take all together. I keep losing and regaining the same 12! Please post details about how you stayed focused and resisted the temptation of bad eating and EA (excercise avoidance). As a foodie/wine lover, I find it very hard to find that balance.

  5. I was going to say, not a lot happened??!!!! You came to SF and met me!!! Ha, ha! Love the photo of us. What an awesome year. You look fantastic and should be so proud of all you accomplished. I’m really looking forward to 2010! 2009 was so great I’m convinced it will only keep getting better! :)

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