OHC’s Holiday Card Exchange Clarification

Hi guys!  Last month I posted about OHC’s Holiday Card Exchange to see if there was any interest and I’m pleased to say that there was!  Hooray!  However I think there was some miscommunication on my part in that I didn’t make clear how the exchange would work.

I originally was just considering this an exchange between you and me.  I was not going to share your address with anyone else.  I am willing to change tactics though!  If you would like to do an exchange with everyone who signed up, we can do that!  Just let me know! I will then send out a master email with everyone’s name, blog, and address.  This way you will be able to send cards to everyone.

If you want to share your address, that’s cool!  And if you don’t and just want to exchange with me, that’s cool too!  Just shoot me an email letting me know your preference.  Then I will get the master email out later this week!

Happy Holidays! :prezzies:

3 thoughts on “OHC’s Holiday Card Exchange Clarification

  1. CJ says:

    Hey Andie, long time in commenting on anyone’s blog. Trying to make the best of things with med bills out the ass, but whats new with everyone these days. last scan they found a spot on my liver, keeping an eye on it. dayum, always something with yours truly here and feel like saying… just shoot me, has to be cheaper. Gary says when hell freezes over and not one second before. :) Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Think about you often, along with Brenda in Arkansas and a few other good good friends. luv ya Andie Pandie. (((hugs))

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