December 2nd, 2009: spicy chocolate covered feet

Hi gang!  Can I tell you that I had the most glorious sleep last night!  We started the Pens game and I had some tea, which I apparently forgot to take a picture of.  Doh!

By 10pm, I was calling it quits and went to bed.  I slept like a rock and it was amazing.  The best sleep I’ve had in a while!

I was going to run today but decided to give my ankle a bit of a rest since I tweaked it a bit yesterday.  It’s okay, just a tad sore.  I was starving though so I got crackin’ on breakfast.

Christmas bowl

Today’s festive bowl!  And I believe this is all that I have which means I need to get some more stat!

Coffee and oats

Huge bowl of blueberry oats and I’m not even kidding about its hugeness.  I made double the batch of oats that I normally make and ate most of it saving a bit for Scott.  I have no shame in wolfing down a large bowl of oats!

It wasn’t long after breakfast that I took Rocks out for his walk.  No hour walks today because of the durn ankle.  My ankle did get a bit sore during the walk so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t run.  Once we got back home it started pouring rain and hasn’t quit. :o  Next to slush, cold winter rain is one of the worst things.  Blech.

Lunch was typical:


No feta today but cranberries and raisins were added.  And also some banana chips that were cooked in coconut oil and left unsweetened.



  • 1C OJ
  • 1C Carrot juice
  • 1C Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Spinach
  • Frozen pineapple
  • Frozen mango


Hummus and crackers

Sabra sundried tomato hummus and crackers.  I finally found this hiding out at another grocery store!  It’s really tasty but jeeze Sabra totally skimped on the sundried tomatoes.  There’s barely any in there!

Smoothie, salad, hummus and crackers

Oranges in the back for some fresh fruit action.

After lunch I got busy getting stuff done around the house.  I had some zucchini, last of the summer stash, that needed used up quickly because it was starting to turn.  I decided to use it to make some chocolate zucchini bread.  Heaven!

Then while I was in the kitchen I prepped dinner and got that ready so I would just have to heat that up later.  It involves peppers and salsa, but you’ll have to wait till you get down that far before you find out what it is.  I had just finished that and was about to add more garlic powder when the bottle caught on the shelf and I dropped it.

Wouldn’t have been a big deal except the top popped open and I lost half the container of garlic powder to the floor. :grumpy:  It was one of those huge containers that you buy at the warehouse stores.  Exactly.

I pulled out the Swiffer Sweeper but that stupid thing is only handy if you need to pick up some lint otherwise it stinks and doesn’t really work.  This meant I had to get out the vacuum.

I hate our vacuum.  It’s old and Scott refuses to let me get a new one because the one we have “is good enough”.  We’ve had this conversation loads of times.  The thing is, it’s a bag vacuum, which automatically makes it old and dated.  But because we’ve had it for so long, when it runs, it smells like my dog’s feet.


Whenever we have company over I have to vacuum three days in advance just to make sure the smell has dissipated by their arrival.  I just use a paint roller on the carpet to get the “freshly vacuumed” look right before company arrives.  I’m just being honest up in here.

You can imagine the fantastic smell I was assaulted with in the kitchen today:

Chocolate zucchini bread baking in the oven paired with spicy Mexican-ish type dish coated in garlic powder and all brought together and assembled in a bouquet of Rocky’s feet.

Don’t you wanna come over?

I got the kitchen cleaned up and decided that since the house already smelled like feet, I might as well keep vacuuming.  So the downstairs got taken care of.  After all of that it was time for dinner!

Stuffed peppers!

Stuffed peppers

I’ve had beans on the mind lately and decided to just make a big pot of pinto beans today.  When it’s cold and rainy out, I like having something on the stove or in the crockpot cooking away doing its thing.  Beans on the stove were perfect.  I cooked a cup of pinto beans in loads of water with:

  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Jalapeno
  • Chipotle pepper and some sauce
  • Garlic powder (before I lost half of it)

I sauteed up:

  • Red onion
  • Jalapeno pepper
  • Carrot

Then added in some frozen corn and some of the pinto beans.  I also tossed in the leftover brown rice from yesterday and added a little bit of salsa to that.  Stuffed in green peppers and baked for about 45 minutes at 375.

Stuffed pepper and baked sweet potato

The last 5 minutes, I topped them with pepperjack cheese.

With a sweet potato on the side.  I love sweet potatoes paired with spicy things.  Someday I’m going to make loaded sweet potatoes and see how that turns out.  Oh! And there was also some Fage on the side for “sour cream”.  So good!  I apologize for the “mess”, it wasn’t until I was done cutting up half the pepper I realized I forgot to take a picture.  Ooops!

Now I’m off to read for a bit and then hit SF.  It’s cold and rainy and I so don’t want to leave my house.  Perhaps there will be some tea in my future when I get back home!  Till tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “December 2nd, 2009: spicy chocolate covered feet

  1. I love your festive plates and bowls! ;)

    Also, NO shame in eating large bowls of oats, they are so so so enjoyable especially when it’s cold out.

    And I agree, sweet potatoes go wonderfully with spicy things, and I’ve been trying to think of a good “loaded” or “twice baked” sweet potato recipe myself.

  2. Ouch, sorry to hear about your ankle but good thing you listened to your wise wisdom and stayed off of it today. You could have done some serious damange otherwise. Hope it heals quickly and nicely!

    I was just thinking how I haven’t made stuffed peppers in ages!!! I need to get crackin because stuffed peps are one of my favorite meals. Your recipe sounds wonderful, but I knew it would because everything you make always sounds wonderful! ;)

  3. Samantha says:

    After going through countless vacuums, I decided that I really really dislike the bagless variety and I simply bought a $30 vacuum from Walmart. It works pretty darn well and I won’t feel bad if it breaks.

    Now you have me in the mood to make some beans tomorrow!

    • Samantha, Really? What did you dislike about the bagless? I’m trying to get as much research in as I can!
      Lauren, Girl get you some stuffed peppers! :D
      Heather, Thanks!
      Lynn, Really? What don’t you like about the Dyson? I think Consumer Research said the Hoover bagless was a good one, but I’m not positive.
      Jenny, That is exactly what I want to do, some sort of twice baked spicy sweet potato!

  4. Ahhh cute bowl! I love adorable dishes, but I have a particular weakness for the holiday themed :) Haha wow, sorry about the garlic powder fiasco. At least your dinner still looks delicious!

  5. Oh man! We had to have my mom buy us our large container of Tone’s Garlic Powder because we don’t have a membership to a big store like that… man, if we lost half of it, I would be SO UPSET! We use garlic powder in 50% of our meals! ;) And a stinky vacuum?! I hope the smell goes away soon.

    I love your festive holiday bowls!

  6. You have me laughing hard!! The bagless vacuums actually emit more dust then the non. Have you tried the fabreeze bags? They seem to trip in the dog smell. Tell Scott to splurge and let you have a new one.
    I came home to doggie accident last night because we were 2 hours late!! Ugghh!! I think I will be steam cleaning the carpet this weekend.

  7. A your Turkey day looked amazing!! I love that it’s just the two (three) of you, in yo comfy clothes with some good eats :D Damn that RR, she is annoying but DOES have some great ideas!! Hope your ankle recoops asap!

    • CBs, thank you! We keep it so simple and relaxed for the holidays. Being able to hang in our jammies is very important! :p
      Monica, Really?! That’s good to know!
      Kilax, That’s exactly what it was, one of those Tone’s containers! Garlic is my life force, so I cried just a bit when it got spilled.
      Anne, I got those bowls at Target. They have some very cutie holiday stuff.

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