When a food blogger can’t even look at food

Cook’s Log: Monday, November 16th, 2009.  5pm EST.  Current weather is cool with smells of fall in the air.  Or so I’m assuming, I haven’t been outside since yesterday morning.  It seems that I may have contacted some sort of bug.  I think.  Last evening around supper time I started feeling a little bit off.  I was super hungry to the point of being a bit nauseous.  I finally got a chance to eat and it was not sitting well in my stomach.

It was at this point that my evening of praying to the porcelain god got under way.  In case anyone finds this, I would like you to take note: Vomiting up rice is not fun and I do not recommend it at all.  After the first session, of course I was still hungry.  I waited half an hour, then I had an apple and 1/2 a pita with PB.  This did not last long and it was out of my system before I realized it.  I finally just went to bed.

I would wake up every hour or so, have a few sips of OJ and a bite or two of apple sauce.  This seemed to help some and it was staying down.  Or so I thought, around 3am I had my last session of prayer, after that I slept for four hours.  This was amazing.  I was able to eat a whole applesauce cup at this point and it stayed down.

During the day, it was the same as the previous evening. I would sleep, wake up and have a bit of applesauce, and some OJ.  This was all staying down but I was still very hungry feeling.  It is an odd sensation to be so hungry your stomach is growling but to be unable to eat due to that same stomach being a bit queasy.

Around 3pm I was finally able to get some soup in my system.  Ah glorious factory manufactored soup!  How you have saved my sanity and my body.  I had a few bites and then crashed back out sleeping for another few hours.  Upon waking, I felt so much better.  I was able to finish my soup and now have progressed to eating and chewing crackers.  Chewing was something that had caused me some ills before but now I’m okay with it.  Thank goodness!

I do believe I’m on the mend but am unsure when I’ll be back to fully functional.  You can understand why I haven’t posted about the past three days, it’s a little much to look at that food.  We’ll just call it a wash and move on.  I also know you understand why I’m not taking pictures of my food, I highly doubt you want or need to see some applesauce, soup, and crackers.

Till later! :D

10 thoughts on “When a food blogger can’t even look at food

  1. Oh no!!!! SOrry to hear that you’ve been struck by the nasty flu bug. It’s definitely making its rounds and has hit our home in the early season, thank goodness.

    Feel better hun! :)

  2. Poor darling!! I almost texted you today to see if you were okay. I thought that maybe you had just hit the travel wall.

    Hope you feel better soon!! I know that Scott is taking good care of you, but if you need anything, let me know.


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