October 31st, 2009: Things I love

I love breakfast.

Coffee and yogurtEven if it’s not oats, I still love eating breakfast in the mornings.  Coffee, with yogurt mess:

  • 2% Fage
  • Scoop of pumpkin
  • Cinnamon
  • Store bought granola
  • 1 honey crisp apple cubed

All mixed together for yummy goodness.

I do not love missing MT class because of waiting around on a service gentleman caller.  I don’t know what happened but some HD stations were not coming in on our satellite.  Most importantly, the HD hockey stations were not coming in.

You can imagine the tantrum that was thrown in this house when this news was discovered.  After Scott realized that it was safe to come out of hiding because my tantrum was over, he called DirecTV to get the situation resolved.  This involved a service call on Saturday morning somewhere between 8am and Noon.

You know full well the dude showed up at noon.  He was a gentleman and very nice so I couldn’t stay too crabby.  Plus he fixed my TV and now HD stations are restored.  There was much rejoicing.

Once he was gone, I could bust out some lunch.


I love salads!

  • Mixed greens
  • Peas and corn
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Walnuts

Balsamic mustard dressing (homemade)

pretzelsI also love crunching on some good carbs.  However I did not love these 7 grain pretzels.  Normally I do but these were stale.  I do love the little retro custard cup they are in though.

CrackersInstead, I had some of these cheddar crackers from Back to Nature instead.

Salad, smoothie, pretzels There was a Bolthouse green goodness smoothie on the side because I had no smoothie ingredients on hand to make my own.  I know!  Scott and I were basically just bumbling around in a zombie state by this point because the house was so void of stuffs.

After lunch we had to run errands.  First up was Kohl’s because we had some Kohl’s bucks to use up.  I found some really cute things and two pairs of jeans that I love!  They are by Vera Wang and awesome.  Only slightly gappy in the back but nothing that is a problem.  I love Kohl’s but dang why can’t they have some fun stuff in the “adult” section?  Most stuff I end up getting in the Junior’s section because that stuff is cute.  All the other stuff in the Misses section is all frumpy old.

Wha wha what?!  I may be 32 and I may joke around and call myself grandma, but hellz I’m not frumpy old.  Dang.

There was almost a smack down with the cashier though.  We had Kohl’s bucks and also a discount card.  She rang everything up and we noticed that the discount card didn’t go through.  We asked about it and the cashier was all, “Oh yeah it said invalid or something.  If you could just sign right there then.”

Hold up girl.  HOLD UP.

Like how she wasn’t even going to inform us our discount didn’t work?  Pffftt please.  She got mad at us because she had to void our purchase and then do it over.  She didn’t want to do it, but I was all, “Um, we’re talking about a huge discount here. Yes I want it to be fixed.”

We were pleasant the whole time I promise.  No need getting crabby and making the situation worse, right?

What I love?  Is getting $150 worth of clothes for $75 bucks.  Hell yes.

Then I braved the grocery store on a Saturday.  I survived and no one got hurt.  Except our wallet.  Yikes.

meI love large quantities of fresh produce.  Keep in mind this is only half of what I got, the other half went into the backup fridge.  I do not joke around when it comes to produce kids.  Scott tried to tell me to keep things in check because I will be leaving soon but listen, I need some veg and I don’t want to come back home to nothing.  It’s all good in the ‘hood.

I love when I can convince someone to try something new.

I was stuffing my cart full of parsnips (parsnip fries, holla!), when a lady approached me and asked me what I do with them.  We chatted for a bit about baking and roasting parsnips and then I mentioned that I eat them raw too.  I shred them or chop them up for salads.  The lady gasped and said, “Really?!! You eat those raw?!”  When I said yes, she said she was going to try that too and bought some parsnips.  YaY!

me and oats I love oats.  What up Quaker man!

1/2 peck of applesI love you a bushel and a peck.

me and prunesI also love prunes and that is me pumping a 3lb bag of Prunes that I bought at Sam’s.

me and prunes Scott loves this picture of me and prunes.  I’m humoring him by posting it.  He wanted a “tasteful” pic of me on the throne but my homegirl E has already been there, done that.  And there’s no way I could follow or steal such a scene. :D

I have to tell you something that you might not know.  I eat prunes everyday, somewhere between 2-4 prunes depending on how I’m feeling.  I love how sweet and chewy prunes are and it keeps the digestive tract moving and grooving.  I don’t take a picture of it because are you really interested in me eating prunes everyday?  Also taking a picture of prunes so that they don’t look like the result of eating said prunes is a very difficult task.  I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.  Therefore no pic and I don’t really mention it but now you know.  Me and prunes rock it on a daily basis.  I usually have one in the morning and one around lunch.  On the days I have more, two more will be in the afternoon sometime.

Rocky“Stop acting like a crazah woman and give me suppah already!!”

Rocky“Nom nom nom”

Demanding little buggar.

hummus and veggies I love hummus even if it isn’t Sabra.  I love raw veggies.

cheeseI love Parrano cheese.

veggies, hummus, crackers, cheese, bread My crudité plate as Scott says.  It was so late last night by the time we were eating dinner that I didn’t want anything too heavy.  Plus, I was just dying for some good raw veggies.  Scott was having leftovers from Friday that I bumped up with some whole wheat pasta, so I had a tasting plate.  The bread is some Asiago bread from Panera.  Mmmmmm

usI love snugs on the couch watching scary movies with my fellas.  That just has Christmas card written all over it doesn’t it?  Especially with Rocky’s pleading for help look he’s got going on.

teaI love this tea.

tea and chocolate zucchini muffinsI love night time snacks that double as fuel for the next morning’s run.  Tea and two chocolate zucchini muffins (homemade).

I love early bedtimes after a good day.

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    • Olga, gotta have the ‘nanas! It was pretty desperate times here for a bit.

      Anne, Keep an eye on the register!

      Mama P, no way Grans, I’m the oldest in Foodie Blogland. :lol:

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