Checking in from San Fran

Hey gang!  Just checking in with you so that you all know I’m still alive and kicking!  Lori and I have been busting our hineys walking all around San Fran which is why I haven’t had a chance to catch you all up!

My flight out was smooth but a little rough on the bod.  For some reason the takeoff and landing didn’t go over too well with me and I was left feeling very airsick.  So much so I had to make sure the puke bags were handy. :o  I know!  Otherwise arrival was easy peasy.

So far I have run by the water, chatted with a very awesome guy named Byrd who sold me bread, met another blogger (what up OysterCulture!), and walked the pier.  I’m really happy that I’ve made it out here for the event!

I promise I will post pictures and catch up with you all as soon as I get the chance.  Now I’m off to meet with another blogger, Allison, and possibly get some grub in my bellah.  Later my pretties!

10 thoughts on “Checking in from San Fran

  1. Hope you are feeling better and having a great time checking out all the sites of San Fran. Enjoy all the food and fun of FoodBuzz!

    I had a great time meeting up with you and Lisa for lunch over burgers and brew.

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