OHC is taking a trip!

suitcasesHey gang!  I have been meaning to announce my big trip for ages now but life and work have kept me from that.  Today I said “screw it stuffs!” and I’m taking the time out to post about my trip.

First can we discuss my messenger bag over there?  I love it!  It is my favorite bag on the planet and I don’t have enough reason to use it, which makes me a little cranky.  It’s cute and has loads of pockets for an uber organizer like me.  Any bag, purse, whatever I buy has to have plenty of pockets.  And also?  It has a boxer stitched on it! Which immediately makes it fantastic!  Ten bucks at Big Lots, oh yeah!

I will be purchasing a new suitcase for my trip as per Scott’s orders, but I’ll get to his demands in a minute.  Let’s talk dets!

Here’s the deal, being a Featured Publisher with FoodBuzz does come with lots of benefits.  The biggest one being related to my trip!  FoodBuzz is having their first ever FoodBuzz Festival in November (6th-8th)!  A weekend-long adventure exploring San Francisco and its food culture.  The best part is that featured publishers are allowed to attend the festival for free!  We just have to pay for travel and rooms.

Pretty sweet deal, right?  I originally wasn’t planning on going but then talked with Scott about it and he was all, “Go and have a good time.  Network, meet your friends, and have a blast.”

I love this man! :cupidarrow:

So I started making plans!  One of my favorite bloggers, Lori from Fake Food Free is going, and remember she was also a Feet on the Street feature as well!  We decided to room together.  Woooot!  She is actually off being a world traveler right now with her hubs; they are touring SE Asia.  On her way back to the states, she’s stopping in San Francisco for the festival.  She’ll actually be there all week.

I looked into ticket prices and going in early and coming home on Monday was actually the same price as flying in on Fri and leaving Sunday.  Because of that Lori and I agreed that I should totally fly in early and just make the whole experience a mini vacation.  Scott was down with that too!

I am leaving for San Francisco on Wednesday, November 4th and will arrive in San Fran around 5:30pm that evening.  I’m staying until Monday and leaving Monday morning.  I know lots of my other fave bloggers are also going to be there but let’s name a few:

Allison from Green Dog Wine, holla!

Andrea from Care to Eat.  Um, two A’s in one place?  TROUBLE!

Amanda from Two Boos who Eat, wha’ up!

I know for sure these ladies are going.  And I know that Allison is having a party in her room with all her roommates because there are a bunch of them! :p

If you are also going to the FoodBuzz Festival please speak up and tell me!  Or email me at Andrea AT Offhercork.com with FoodBuzz Fest in the subject line.  Give me your dets and let’s see if we can plan something out.  Also if you live in the San Fran area, shout it so I can bug you with questions and other things. :D

Now, friends listen, here is where I need your help!

What great tips do you have for flying? I have not flown since 1998 and that was my first flight ever.  Also, coincidentally enough, I went to San Fran out of Columbus, OH.  I know!  But anyway, lots have changed since ’98 obviously and I want to be prepared. Also I’ll be by myself so I want to make sure all my bases are covered (Note: Dear Stalkers, Remember I can run 1/2 marathons, and currently train in two different martial arts, one of which involves weapons. Just saying.)

My flight out of Cbus is at 1:05pm, about what time should I check-in?  I was thinking I need to be at the airport by 11:30am.  I will be checking a suitcase so I don’t think I can check-in online and just head to the terminal.

I have a layover in Dallas, so E I will wave to you and send you smooches as I wander around the airport.  How is DFW airport?  Huge, crazy, easy to navigate?  I don’t want to get lost and miss my flight because then I will cry and wow I am so not a pretty, calm cryer.

So hit me with your best tips!  What foods would be great to bring?  I will have a backpack as my carry-on, something I can shove under my seat.  It will have my laptop, camera, and backup things like undies and facewash, in the event my luggage goes off on its own.  I will also be packing food because I’ll need to stay fueled and don’t want to risk not encountering Andrea friendly foods in the various airports.  Any snack ideas would be great!

My man is so cute and sweet.  He’s been busting his butt trying to make sure I have everything I need for my trip (new suitcase, extra camera battery etc.).  He’s even the one who researched plane tickets for me and picked the best ones.  Love him!  It’s going to be hard to leave him to his own devices for a week.

So there you have it, my big trip in less than a month!  I’m so excited I can’t stand it and slightly petrified at the same time! :lol:

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  1. Ooh yay! Glad to hear you’re going. I live in San Jose, about an hour south of SF, but lived there for two years and my boyfriend is a native. I’m sure we have more tips to share than you’ll ever want to hear! Let me know about specific questions :)

  2. Aw, that’s awesome! :) I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!
    I won’t be going for obvious reasons (ahah) and I also can’t help you with the flight stuff because I’ve only travelled by place twice, almost 10 years ago lol :| But good luck!

  3. Most airlines require you arrive an hour or hour and a half before your flight departs, so 11:30 should be fine. Make sure you wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on, because you’ll have to remove them at the security checkpoint. You’ll also want to make sure your laptop is easily accessible; they’ll make you take it out of the case at security.

    Make sure any liquids you bring – shampoo, toothpaste, contact lens solution – are 3 oz or less, or they’ll get confiscated. Don’t bother trying to bring drinks, either.. just get bottled water on the plane. As for snacks, the first thing that comes to mind is trail mix. Dried fruits and nuts have good fiber and protein. Granola and jerky are good, too.

    DFW is huge. The terminals are horseshoe-shaped, but they have trams to get you where you need to go, and I’ve never had any trouble navigating it. I can get lost in my own freakin’ neighbourhood, but I hardly ever have trouble getting around in airports. The places are amazingly well-marked. And if you’re ever unsure, there are a million employees around who can direct you. Flight attendants are usually helpful, too.

    I have no idea what I’m doing that week, but it would be a shame for us not to get together when you’re so close!

  4. HOLY moley A!! I can’t believe that this is your second flight, ever!! Haha crazy stuff, you’ll have sooo much fun!! I’m from southern california- but the few times I’ve been to SF I’ve been to Alcatraz (AWESOME!), the fisherman’s wharf (chowder in sourdough bowl!) and the ghiradelli factory- i hope u get to go!

  5. wow i can’t believe you haven’t been on a plane in that long! well, since the last time you travelled airplanes have changed a lot – no more meals on most flights (thank GOD) so bring your own stuff – i usually pack a sandwich, an apple, and some larabars.

    by the way, darling, i will be in san fran that same weekend! i am going to be there, randomly, for a film event on friday night, so i will not be officially a part of the conference. but i AM planning on attending the afternoon foodbuzz event on saturday (if they let me in) and would love to see you!!!

  6. Shyla summed it up best. She gave you great information. Have a great time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    I will have Anna text Rocky to check on him.

  7. LOL – I love you! :) I can’ not wait for San Fran – we are going to have a blast!

    I don’t really have any tips for flying other than “keep it simple” – I try to compact everything into as few bags as possible – having my wallet/phone/camera accessible and that’s it! :)

  8. Heather says:

    Note that I have not flown in the States but in Canada:

    -check with your airline at what time they recommend you check in for a domestic flight. I know here you can print your boarding pass at home and then just drop your bag off which (sometimes) saves time. Don’t cut it short on your check in time. Personally I’d rather be at the airport early than late – I’m weird that way. It takes a lot longer to get through security nowdays.

    -don’t try to take a bottle of water through the airport security. In Canada you can buy the water in the airport shops after the security but I’m not sure if it’s the same in the US or not. Regardless you’ll be able to get water on the plane.

    -food stuffs – apples, granola, granola bars, sandwiches, carrots – stuff like that I take on the plane. Stuff that will keep and not get too squished.

    -if you can avoid wearing a belt don’t. It will trigger the wand and they’ll make you undo it. LOL Wear easy on and off shoes.

    -I always tell the screeners/scanners what I have in my bag(s) – as in laptop, camera, ipod, cell phone. Then they can tell me what to do – if they want me to take any stuff out.

    -DFW is likely huge but they’ll have tons of signs etc and lots of staff to help out. I always just find the first one I can and ask questions – like how to get from one terminal to the next or where the gate is. Even if I know. Stuff changes.

    -check out the airline website about bringing liquids on board (ie facewash, chapstick, hand lotion etc). I know in Canada it has to be a certain size and they all have to be in a zip lock bag and you have to take the ziplock bag out of your bag when you go through security.

    -I always go through security right away because there always shops and stuff on the other side anyhow. When I’m waiting in the loading area (not sure what it’s called – right where you get on the plane) I always try to sit as close to the gate as possible so I can actually hear the announcements. In Canada even when flying domestically you have to have id out for the flight attendants to check against the ticket before you get on the plane so keep that in mind.

    -any doubts about anything in the airport/airplane etc just ask. People are surprisingly helpful. ;)

    -one other thing I always bring my ipod on the plane because there is always some jackass who is cranking the music super loud right behind me. :(

    I’m always really nervous when I fly too.

  9. Heather says:

    oh and I know here you can’t leave your bags unattended in the airport. Ever. Not even for a second. I’m sure it’s the same down there. And not that you would. But it’s unbelievable how many people do that.

  10. I traveled a ton for work so I was big in food prep. Here are a few suggestions:

    – Almonds
    – Home made protein bars
    – Protein powder and a shaker (mix w/ water once you are through security. I had luck with smoothie places/ice cream shops/ airport bars blending up my protein drinks for free with a little sweet talking!)
    – Tuna packets and hard boiled eggs (don’t eat them on the plane because they stink but they make good snacks in the airport or on top of an airport salad)
    – Whole wheat low carb tortilla’s and peanut butter (slap em together ahead of time or Justin’s Nutbutter makes packets–Whole Foods carries them)
    – Oatmeal in a small tupperware container. Ask for hot water on the plane.

    Have a safe trip! I’m so jealous!

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