October 3rd, 2009: Junk food style

Hi gang!  I slept in as late as I could this morning and finally got up with Rocks around 7am.  I worked on yesterday’s post and then finally made my way into the kitchen for some coffee and eats.

Coffee and oatbran

I tried something new with oatbran today!  Last bit of pumpkin went in with some apples!  Since I didn’t finish the apple from last night, I cubed it up and tossed it in the oatbran last minute.  Just to warm through, not cook (since I don’t like cooked apples).  It was amazing!  The extra fruit was exactly what I was looking for and the apples stayed crunchy crisp.  Mmm mmm!

Scott and I decided that we had to miss MT this morning.  Booo! We’ll get back in the swing of things soon!  While I was out being a fabulous socialite, some work projects had come in with the deadline to be turned in “quickly”.  So I worked on that this morning while Scott worked on some freelance stuff.

Then it was time for some lunch!



  • Last of the chard
  • Spinach
  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Broccoli
  • Raisins
  • Sliced almonds

Topped with balsamic and olive oil and a little fresh squeezed OJ.


Oranges in the middle for some extra fruit.

Salad, smoothie, and fruit

There was some green goodness smoothie by Bolthouse and leftovers from yesterday’s dinner out.  I had a slice of bread off that plate. :D

After lunch Scott and I ran some errands which included a stop at North Market to pick up chicken for Rocky.  Our butcher got in a ton of organic green peppers from a farmer who had too much so she gave us some.  Score!  I will take free produce any day!

A quick run to Meijer for a few things and then it was back home to put away the groceries and get some dinner going.  Scott wanted junk food for dinner.  Or “game food” to be exact since we were about to watch some hockey.

Junk food, I can roll with that.

What did he want?

Pizza, fries, and buffalo nuggets.

Alright, I can do that.

Meet “game food” OHC style. ;)

Pita pizzas and parsnip fries

Pizza = whole wheat pitas with pizza sauce, shredded moz & parm, red onion, and prosciutto.  Mine had chili garlic hot sauce and Scott’s had buffalo sauce on top.

Fries = parsnip fries (my fave!).  Dipped in organic ketchup.

Buffalo nuggets = vegan nuggets tossed in buffalo sauce.

The verdict?  Excellent game food as proclaimed by my husband. :D  No reason why junk food can’t be healthified!

All the parsnip fries are on my plate because they didn’t fit on Scott’s plate.  I did not eat all of those although I totally could have.  Love them!

Back to more game watching!  Till tomorrow guys! :D

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