October 29th, 2009: Frankenstein

:frankenstein: :frankenstein: :frankenstein:

Hi my pretties!  I was so busy yesterday that I did not have a chance to play catch up and post.  So now you’ll get twice the OHC today.  I know how excited you are about this. ;)

First up, I did actually have something to eat Wednesday evening after SF class.

Tea, waffle, grapes

I made tea and had a Kashi waffle with chocolate PB (HOLLA) and some frozen grapes.  Yes I remembered I still had a stash in the freezer.  Score!  I chomped down on that and didn’t quite finish the waffle, I passed that on to my leftover machine.  That would be Scott; Rock of Love cannot have chocolate (and your doggies can’t either!).

Then I headed up to bed with the intention of reading for a bit but crashed it instead.

chocolate soymilk

I woke up at 7am (hello day off!) and by 7:30 was out the door for my run.  Five miles in the bag and it was awesome.  I wanted to kick out six but just did not have the time because I had to get home and get stuff done, yo’.  I had a date with my most fave LG latah and I needed to be ready for it.  One glass of CS later and this sister was stretched, showered, and having a fight with herself in the kitchen.  Had I been wearing my robe, then I probably would have looked like perhaps I needed to be escorted back to sanity.

I was having a mini sort of freak out because the HQ is in shambles.  Shambles people!  We are out of oats, out of oatbran, and the soymilk and organic milk supply is in the red zone.  What we do have plenty of is pumpkin and as much as I would love to sit down and nom on pumpkin right outta the can, I do not think this would make a very good breakfast.  Maybe?  I dunno, perhaps an experiment is in order.

During my mini freakout, I was rummaging around the cabinets and stumbled on some steel cut oats.

“What the hell, sure they might take a little longer but oats are oats.”

I’ll wait until you’re done laughing hysterically before I move on.

Maybe if I had soaked them overnight that would have helped but regardless steel cut oats and I are not on speaking terms at this point in time.  He is too needy and I just can’t give that kind of support.  Especially not after running five miles because what I want to do at that point is EAT.  What I do not want to do is talk about feelings and tell Steel Cut over there it’s going to be all okay and coax it along with more soymilk.

Steel Cut is way too 16 year old emo for me.  He kept saying, “You can’t rush this. You don’t understand me.”  And I kept saying, “Honey, if you do not want me to hurt you, you will be ready to jump in my bellah right now.”  I also provided my best, “I will mess you up” look to go with that statement.

Ugh.  Steel Cut took about half an hour and way too much extra liquid to cook.

coffee and oats

And what I ended up with was a bowl of chewy cement. Crikey!

Scott liked it and well that’s just fine because when I’m gone on my trip for a week, Scott is more than welcome to handle Emo Steel Cut, coax him along, and assure him that, yes, as a matter of fact all those safety pins on his jeans do make a statement about the oppression of diversity.

Damn the man.

I also did not have time for a second cup of coffee yesterday morning.  I’m not going to point fingers but I will say the reason has to do with “cement” and let you figure it out for yourself.

appleI’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear that I did not finish that bowl of cement.  Close though.  I added an apple to my breakfast because I was still hungry and because cement did not contain any fruit.  Need fruit for breakfast!

I got myself purty and headed over to Sugar Inc. (what up Ava love!) to meet with LG.  As I was walking down the street, I noticed a sign outside Ava’s shop advertising that she also sells Kona Coffee.

Ava is now my best friend.

I ordered a mug of coffee, with cream and sugar because days off and good friends deserve special things.

Sugar Inc. Kona Coffee

Do we not just love the cute little set up?  And bringing me an entire thermos of coffee is basically awesome sauce.

Pumpkin spice cupcake

LG got a cupcake, pumpkin.  Wooo!  It’s fall and pumpkin makes the world go ’round.  We chatted for a good bit and chatted some with Ava in between fondant sessions.  Listen folks, I totally plan on doing a full Sugar write up, but if you are in the need for some good cupcakes and cakes check out Sugar Inc. I beg you.  Everything is organic and everything is made from scratch, including the fondant.  Hells yes.  So stop in and chat with Ava and try some goods!

After LG up and left me ;), I too said my goodbyes and then made a quick stop over at TehKu.  Since I was in town (Dublin I love thee!), I might as well run over and see Inggrie!  Sadly she was not in so I missed her but I did pick up some of my new favorite tea and some pumpkin scones.  I messed around with my phone while waiting on Lovah to come and pick me up.

When I got back home I was busting butt like a mad woman getting everything done I needed to before heading out to MT conditioning class.  I walked Rockmeister and then came home and made a speedy lunch.  I was a starving woman!



  • Mixed greens
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Red onion
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Leftover salmon

Topped with a bit of yogurt ranch.



  • 2C unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • Spinach
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Frozen mango

Just a reminder, this smoothie amount makes enough for me to have one big glass and Scott to have two big glasses. :D  Speaking of Scott it was about 2pm that we were in the car on the way back home.

Smoothie and salad

Me: So did you heat up those leftover quesadillas for lunch? (I made him quesadillas for dinner on Wednesday)

Scott: No.

Me: How come?

Scott: Um, because I forgot I needed to eat lunch.

Me: I see.

Now you all understand why I’m nervous about leaving him to fend for himself, right?  Lord.  I totally reminded him about them before I left.  Goodness.

After lunch I got everything prepped for dinner later and got dressed for class.

Me You can see I’m still rockin’ the pigtails for class.  It’s the best way to keep the hair outta my face!

We headed out to class and proceeded to get our butts handed to us five times over.  Damn that was probably one of the hardest classes I’ve been too.  Instead of starting off with pushups and stuff, we started with the heavy bag work.  Then at the end of class did the pushups, squats, and so on.  That shiz is hard!

But it’s all worth it because we get to come home to dinner.


Aw yeah, Pizza Thursday!

I’m calling this my Frankenstein crust because it’s just pieced together.  I am running low on just about every type of flour I have at the HQ and making this crust used up every last bit of flour I had. :o  It’s got AP flour, WW pastry flour, and spelt flour all mixed in.

And you know this turned out to be the best damned crust ever.

Standard OHC HQ pizza!

  • Frankenstein crust
  • Pizza sauce (light on my side, heavy on Scott’s)
  • Moz cheese and Parm cheese
  • Chopped artichoke
  • Red onion
  • Green pepper
  • Banana peppers
  • Buffalo chicken sausage (light on my side)
  • Chili garlic hot sauce on my side
  • Buffalo sauce on Scott’s

My side on the left, Scott’s on the right.


I started with three pizzas because I was HUNGRY, and I was not messing around.  We ate while watching the DWTS elimination.  Lame.  But I am glad Louie and Melissa are both toast.

By this point it was after 9pm and y’all I was just too worn out to start a whole post.  So I chilled on the couch with my boys finishing up the Pens game from Wednesday.  And you also know what I did, snacky-poo!

Sugar Inc. cupcake box

Three guesses to what we had. :D

Ava also does mini cupcakes and I bought four, two for each of us.  The last pumpkin mini with pumpkin cream cheese icing, and three chocolate peppermint.

cupcakes white wine

Along with wine!  I split the pumpkin in half so we each could taste it, and split one of the chocolate ones in half as well to even everything out.  Mmm mmm!  After the game was over I headed up and crashed in bed at 10:30.  Wooot!  What an awesome day!

:frankenstein: :frankenstein: :frankenstein:

7 thoughts on “October 29th, 2009: Frankenstein

  1. Gosh, makes me glad I stick with my old fashioned oats, i do not have 30 minutes to wait on deliciousness in the morning!

    Love the Frankenstein crust, great improv! :)

  2. My mom came to visit, and I bought steel cut oats, because they’re supposed to be the best for you, right? My mom eats oatmeal every day. Turns out, she doesn’t like to spend an hour making oats. That’s okay because my mother in law is totally into hour long oats. We bought the quick cooking for my mom.

    Where do you get pumpkin oats?

    • DianaHayes, I make my own pumpkin oats. :D I just mix in some canned pumpkin (how much depends on how much you want and how much you are making), standard pumpkin pie seasonings and voila! Pumpkin oats! :)

      Diana, Thanks girlie! :D

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