October 23rd, 2009: Soup to nuts

So nice I had to say it twice! :D  Last night we finished off Dancing and I had a glass of wine with some dark chocolate.

wine and chocolate

I sipped a red first but didn’t care for it.  I think it needed more time to sit, breathe, and savasana a little bit longer.  Instead I had a blend white with 82% chocolate, two of those squares, and it was delicious!  I love how my dark chocolate love just keeps growing and growing.  Some day I will have 90-99% and if what they say is to be believed, I will never go back.

Slight mini TV rant, totally bummed out the swimmer chick on DWTS got kicked off!  It totally should have been Melissa because let’s face it, while that girl’s smile might be able to jump, jive, and wail, her feet and bod cannot.  She’s way too stiff and yet flailing out of control at the same time.  At least swimmer chick had it going on and even the judges didn’t want her to get booted off.

Also, as sweet as Michael Irving seems to be, dude needs to go.  I cannot handle his facial emotions any more.  That’s not appropriate for dancing, but more appropriate when making a deposit in the throne room.

I kicked it in bed at 11:30.  I had slight visions about running today but my legs were sore and exhausted after yesterday so I knew that was not going to happen.  Instead I slept in till 8am and woke up to the sound of pouring rain.  The wind would whisper and I’d think of you.  And all the tears you cried, that called my name.  And when you needed me I came through…

Whoops!  Sorry about that!  Sometimes the 80s just springs up outta nowhere!

Realizing that neither my legs nor Mo’ Nature wanted me to run this morning, I poured some coffee and headed into the office where I proceeded to lounge around and do naught all!  Okay not true, I did some some email work and did read some of your blogs.  I even got a chance to comment on some today, score!

I woke up my hunns and made breakfast.  There were fleeting thoughts of yogurt but I was super hungry and realized that what would mean the most to me at that very moment in time was oats (totally weird sentence structure, I’m aware. TY).

Coffee and oats

Pumpkin oats!  Here’s the deal with me and oats and oatbran.  This is a recent development and it took me a while to realize but I’ve figured it out.

In order for the oats or oatbran to be really satisfying I need it to be bulked up!  Either with more fruit, such as peach/nectarine oats, or with veggies such as pumpkin oats.  I would much rather bulk up said oats with fruit or veggies as opposed to loading it down with toppings.  Toppings are nice and fun, and in the beginning when I first started having oats, I was all over them.  Now I just want the hot cereal!  With a few friends thrown in to watch, help out.  I feel a lot better about the oats/oatbran when I approach it this way.  Since peaches and nectarines are no more, expect to see lots of pumpkin and apple up in herre!

After breakfast I cleaned the house.  It was scrub-the-shower-with-a-toothbrush day.

I hate that day.

Thank god it only shows its ugly mug around here every few months otherwise it would be getting the what what from me.  Once the shower was brushed and flossed, I could move over to lunch.  Cold rainy days call for soup.  They also call for a blanket but I’m not handing that out because it never comes back dry.



  • Mixed greens
  • 1/2 a honey crisp
  • Cranberries
  • Walnuts (<– this is the only set of nuts you’ll be hearing about today.  Wait.  Dangit.)
  • Sunflower seeds

Topped with a bit of balsamic and olive oil.  I am out of my staples of carrots and cucumber.  EEEP!  Sirens started going off and I had to turn the fridge to mute so it would stop assaulting me every time I opened the door.

tomato soup

Amy’s tom soup with the chickpeas that didn’t make it onto the pizza.


1/2 a toasted Ezek english muffin with some cranberry chipotle jack cheese on it.  Good, but not quite as spicy as you would think it would be for having chipotle in the name.

Salad, soup, bread

I know what you’re thinking, “A, why did you use such a big plate for that stinkin’ muffin.”  Because that’s all I had!  Jeesh!

Oh and no smoothie because I didn’t feel like lugging out the blender.  For shame!  I know it.

Once lunch was done with, I set about lighting some candles around this place.  I had plans to hit the mall today but by the time I would have been ready, it would’ve been late.  And the rain, no joke, is seriously on the crazah side today.  You know that kind of sideways rain that happens?  Like that but torrential downpour version.

I will just sit at home!  My sore muscles and I headed upstairs for an epsom salt bath.  Wonderful!

Dinner was such a toss up!  I had been flip flopping back and forth all day long.  So many things sounded good (Hi Auntie F!) that I had a really hard time making up my mind.  Then take-out was suggested.  I am such a pain when it comes to take-out I can’t even tell you.  I’m always worried that something isn’t going to be good or there won’t be enough veggies or I don’t want to spend the money.

It was getting late and we finally settled on take-out Chinese except I got veggie Pad Thai. :p  This was a big moment for me!  Not only did I order out but I got a noodle dish!  Shut yo’ mouth!

Shrimp, pad thai, pastry

There’s also some spicy shrimp on the plate and two crab rangoons because sometimes life just calls for fried cream cheese.  I loved the Pad Thai!  Loved it!  And was totally shocked by that, too. :p  The shrimp was alright and the crab rangoons were fab.  I did not clear my plate (that’s a lot of food!), but close.  Not bad for a Friday evening dinner.

One thing that is hard for me is to “roll with it”.  When I don’t get enough raw at lunch, or many veggies at dinner, or insert whatever here, I tend to sort of mentally freak out and stress a bit.  I am trying to be better with this and not let it get to me so much.  I decided to just go with it regarding dinner this evening and it was good and I’m happy.  :D

We are always learning and striving and growing aren’t we?  I know I am!  Tonight I feel a little more mature and like I’ve grown a bit.

Now I’m going to go fart on Scott and watch some hockey.  Happy Friday pretties!

4 thoughts on “October 23rd, 2009: Soup to nuts

  1. I am a “beef up my oats” girl too! I can get away with a 1/3 c. serving if I add spinach, pumpkin, squash or apple! Volume eating is the bomb diggity.

    My hubby is in charge of the shower cleaning. I got toilets though, so it’s a draw.

    Feeling more mature, yet going to fart on your husband. Love. It.

    I like this new “trying to be you” thing a lot :)

  2. I hear ya on the bulky oats. I really can’t imagine eating them without the addition of pumpkin or a banana or applesauce…anything to add volume!

    I also feel ya on the “mental freakouts” when your eats aren’t as planned as you would like. But you know what, we eat A LOT. Really, we are eating 80% of our days, so if you have one day that isn’t the way you intended, no worries, you get another shot at it the next day.

    Great job on rolling with it today though. It’s so important to be able to do this because YOU WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS have these days and you know what darling, it’s entirely OKAY!!!!!!! :) We are entitled and deserve them! :)
    Much love always. X0x0

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