October 14th, 2009: Unexpected encounters

Hi guys!  Looky what I had!

White wine and chocolate zucchini bread

Last night was a rare wine and snack night, which is partly why I kept my dinner a little lighter.  I could have gone for another piece of fish but since I knew there was some chocolate zucchini bread in the near future, I passed on the fish.  I had a glass of white and most of but not all of the snack.  It was so weird having a snack and wine on Tuesday and I didn’t care for it.  It was just odd.  I never really realized that I have an unspoken snack and wine days schedule until last night. I fully believe in living life and applying moderation which is exactly what I participated in last night but I won’t lie, it was weird. Didn’t stop me from drinking and eating it though! :lol:  The wine was opened already and neither one of us wanted it to go bad and we didn’t think it would survive until Thursday evening, so down it went.

I crashed out hard at 10:30, partly from exhaustion and partly from the wine.  Wooo!

I got up at six and immediately started work.  I had visions of wrapping up this week’s workload today and that was my motivation to push on through!

At 7:30, I stopped and changed into my running clothes.  I wanted to do another four miles but my legs were saying no way.  They were tired and I listened.  I know I want to do four miles tomorrow and hopefully make conditioning class, stressing and pushing my legs today will not help me tomorrow.  Better to let them rest!

Chocolate soymilk

I had a small kick of CS before heading up to shower.  Mmm shower and I was also dreaming of breakfast.

Coffee and oatbran I decided to kickup the pumpkin cheesecake oatbran today!  I added in a few more spices to make it more holiday pie like, a bit of brown sugar (I’m out of bananas!), and then on top crushed Kashi honey sesame crackers and shredded unsweetened coconut.  The Kashi crackers taste like graham crackers to me and they were perfect with the oatbran this morning!  YUM!

After breakfast I walked Rocky and lordy it was cold out.  By the time we got back it started to rain; we got home just in time!  Getting caught in the rain stinks, but getting caught in winter rain blows!  We missed that thankfully.

I did more work and finished up my projects.  Hooray!  I was hoping that would mean I was done with my stuff for the week but that was not to be the case.  I got 3 more tapes in, each an hour long.  I’m a fast typist but not super fast; an hour long recording takes me easily three hours to transcribe.  Add in someone who doesn’t speak clearly and it could take longer.  Oy!

I stopped for lunchie:



  • Mixed greens
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Beet
  • Carrot
  • Banana peppers
  • Flax seeds

Drizzle of ranch on top.

chick'n patty and BBQ sauce

Morningstar grilled chick’n patty sauteed up in a skillet with a bit of olive oil.  These are so good!  They are new to me but I love them!  Dipped in some BBQ sauce and it was fabbo.



  • 1.5C US cranberry juice
  • IC POM
  • 1C water
  • Kale
  • Frozen banana
  • Frozen peaches


Smoothie, salad, chick'n patty

Lunchie was so so good!  I may or may not have picked at some of the leftover fries from last night that Scott was having. ;)

I worked and Scott worked for awhile.  I also worked on the flyer for the SF holiday party I’m coordinating.  It was around this time that we realized that SF class was not happening tonight.  With my new unexpected work load and Scott trying to wrap up a freelance project, we needed the extra time to work.  Don’t you hate when work gets in the way of life?  Le sigh.

Stopped for dinner though and this was when I patted myself on the back for having had the forethought to freeze leftovers!

veggie chiliFrom the depths of Siberia came veggie chili!  Woot!  With a very small amount of cheese on top.  I’ve having cheese tomorrow night so I don’t want too much cheese today.  But chili must have cheese, so I couldn’t say no. :p

tortilla chipsFlax tortilla chips for dunking in the chili.

Chili, chips, and bread Some multigrain bread in the middle for me in case I wanted some, and some rolls for Scott.  I did end up eating a slice of bread.  Mmm this meal was so good and spicy!  Lord!  I was sweating and blowing my nose like crazy. :D

Alright gang, sadly this sister must get back to work.  I have a goal and am hoping to complete it this evening before heading to bed.  Till tomorrow lovelies!

7 thoughts on “October 14th, 2009: Unexpected encounters

  1. WOw girl, you are so disciplined with your eats. Delicious eats, but you’ve got it down to a science, even from the amount of cheese you ration. Wow, mega props! :)

    I have been meaning to buy me some faux “chicken” patties but I can’t decide on which kind. Thanks for the hint because I think I have my answer.

    Have a fabulous night sweet girl.

    • Guys I adore you! Big smooches! And if I haven’t commented on your blogs lately, please know I’m reading, I’ve just been supah busy on this end. But you all just made my night! :D

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