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Amanda from Run to the FinishHey gang!  It’s October and that brings us a new Feet on the Street Feature!  :woohoo:  This month is the lovely Amanda from Run to the Finish.  I met Amanda when she commented on my blog one day last year and have been following her ever since.  In the picture to the left is a photo of her from this past summer’s Wild West Relay race she participated in.  Sister can run!  Dang!  You can’t not be inspired when you read her blog, it’s impossible.  I dare you to try!  She graciously accepted to be a part of my little feature so let’s get chatting.

1.  About how long have you been running and what got you started and out the door to take that first run?

I have been running since the beginning of my junior year in college, which amazingly is now 8 years ago…how did that happen?  A few girls that I really admired were taking a road trip to run the Rock N Roll Nashville half marathon and I really wanted to go, so I laced up and started with 1 very painful mile.

2. Tell me about your shoes!  What kind of shoes are they (be specific, brand, type: stability, neutral).

I rotate through two pairs of shoes all week long, allowing the cushion to come back between runs. I have Brooks Adrenaline 8’s and Mizuno Waver Nexus 3 which help with my moderate overpronation…both include my favorite Spenco insole because I love the cushion.

Brooks and Mizunos3. How did you come across this specific pair?  Were you fitted for them in a running store, did you research shoes online?

I did a lot of research online and tried on some shoes at my local running store. My first Mizuno’s were a result of a great fitting, but after that my running store kept putting me in shoes that were really uncomfortable after about two runs so I had to just figure it out through a little trial and error.

4. Just from the short time I’ve been reading your blog, girl you have done a ton of races!  If you had to pick, which one was your favorite and why?

I’m not a BIG racer per se because they often make me feel a little too much pressure and take the fun out of running.  However, if I had to pick one it would be Oklahoma City because that was my first marathon and I swear I giggled from the start to finish.

5. I know you’ve suffered from some injuries, how has that impacted your perspective on exercise and how did you stay active when you were dealing with limitations?

Injuries are always aggravating at first, then they become an opportunity to learn. My biggest injury (dislocating my knee) helped me find audiobooks, meditation walks and yoga.  These things are now an important part of my entire exercise routine…all because I was forced to slow down for a bit.

6. There has been a huge change in your world recently, you’ve moved!  I realize everything is still new at this point, but what challenges are you facing in regards to running in your new environment?

Kansas City had humidity, so I really blew off everyone who talked about Miami being humid…ooops.  When I arrive home from a run I have to put my clothes in the tub because they are drenched!  The biggest thing this has changed for me is that in KC I could run 16 miles without a sip of water, now I carry my water bottle faithful on longer runs and I am working very hard to find an amazing group of running friends here.

7. If a new runner came up to you seeking advice about how to stay motivated, what would you tell them?

First, I would try to resist hugging them because I always get so excited to talk about running.  Second, I would say you have to learn to listen to your body and figure out what pieces of running you enjoy.  Is it getting a few minutes of peace and quiet? Is it going to make you feel better about that piece of cake…seriously find something that is going to help motivate you during those initial runs and then know that some days will be easier and some harder, but you’ll always feel amazing after you made time for a run.

8. Speaking of motivation, what keeps you motivated to get out the door and get your run on?

Running for me is about so many things…but mostly I am incredibly proud of myself every time I finish. I know it seems strange to be amazed that you finished 3 miles after having done it thousands of times, but I am and I love it.

9. Now for some fun stuff!  What is your favorite running gear?  This can be anything from a gadget, to clothes, to even fuel!

My McDavid compression tights are the BEST thing ever for post long run recovery and my underarmour compression shorts are my favorite long run item because I don’t have to worry about chaffing!

10. What is your favorite color and do you try to get running gear in that color if possible?

Oddly yellow is my favorite color and I don’t have a single piece of gear that color. It could be because I’m afraid of looking like  a bumble bee, but really I think it’s because I find things on sale at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

(OHC interjection:  Your shoes are yellow!  Score! :D)

11. Do you listen to music when you run?  If so, share with us some of your fave songs/artists that help keep you moving.

OHH audio books like Eat, Pray, Love are my favorite thing to listen to for the first portion of a run.  After that I switch to music which goes everywhere from Pour Some Sugar on Me to My Big Green Tractor.  Yup, I’m a country girl living in a city of throwback music now.

Amanda thank you so much for participating with my Feet on the Street Feature!  Please be sure to check out Amanda’s blog and follow her new adventures in Florida!

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